Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's Get Inspired: 5 Happy Inspirations

Today I am thinking of an urban retreat - a small downtown apartment, illuminated during night by neon signs, filled with city sounds, busy downstairs with a little café and the local corner shop. Even though this can seem rather stressful to some, for me it is sheer bliss and my daily life. I do love some days off at the countryside, but for my daily life I am still drawn to downtown locations and notoriously too small apartments. So today's five happy inspirations are all about an urban lifestyle for people like you and me!

1. How about a sleek desk with a concrete tabletop by Paulsberg? I can so see a cool iMac on this desk!

2. Small urban apartments call for smart storage solutions. So here we go with a quirky book-bike-shelf combination as seen on Diet Coke And A Smoke Tumblr.

3. I can't go without colour. So how about a dash of vibrant colours on this snazzy illustration by Society6?

4. For a cool stool I'd travel the world. Luckily, with the internet they come to me. Like this gem - the Y stool by New Zealand based designer Tim Webber.

5. Speaking of cosmopolitan home decor: Here we go with an eye-turner floor lamp called Tinga by Toronto based graphic designer Tahir Mahmood.



  1. Love the desk and the stool Igor. That walnut bike shelf is also a great design :-) Like yourself, I'm a big living in the city fan!

  2. Any of those items would make me incredibly happy! Love it!

  3. That desk is crying out for a loving home. Let it know one can be found here in Londontown! ;)

  4. Inspired indeed Igor. Loving the hits of yellow too. I really want that Bike shelf too, given husbands racing bike currently resides in my 2nd bathroom - too hideous

  5. We've been trying to come up with a new workspace solution in our family room...I'm totally showing my husband that gorgeous desk!

  6. Your blog is looking great Igor. Also love your nod to Canada as I come from Toronto. I too have been so inspired with BYW - keep up the good work :) !


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