Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

At the beginning of this week, I brought a few interiors magazine back home from Sweden and blogged about them here. One of the trending decoration topics I've spotted were kilims. As rugs or as cushions - they seem to be everywhere these days. Since I have a soft spot for ethnic inspired knick-knack I am a serious 'victim' of the kilim obsession. So this weekend I will have a look around and try to find a few nice kilim pillows for my sofa or bed. Do you have kilim cushions? Do you know good sources? No matter what you're up to this weekend, have a happy one, friends! 

Photography via The Brick House and Etsy

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happily Ever After: Swedish Perfection

Blame me. Booh me. Diss me. I can't help it - this week has been deeply influenced by my trip to Stockholm and yes, this Friday is not different. I am taking you once more to this nordic, highly design-conscious country. And folks, to be honest, wouldn't you be living happily ever after in this Swedish perfection?

The spacious rooms, the high windows with old-style handles letting in tons of natural light, the classic sliding doors, the wooden floors, the scattered design classic, the pops of colour against the dominating whites - what's to not like about it? And seriously, that balcony? Are you kidding me - I so need this kind of apartment. Then it's all done and settled. With the 'happily ever after' I mean. A big hug to all of you. Oh, and TGIF!

Photography via Alvhem Mäkleri

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lovin' Designer Agneta Livijn

You might have seen on my post yesterday that I stocked up on new, beautiful handmade cups. They are the sublime work of Swedish designer Agneta Livijn. After being back from Stockholm, I took the opportunity to look up the work of Agneta Livijn online and loved her different collections so much that I've decided to share it here with you. The trademark of her work are the unique handmade shapes of her products that make every single piece a unique gem. 

Agneta Livijn provides a complete design concept for the kitchen - her collection stretches from hand-produced café latte cups with saucers, plates, bowls, mugs and kitchen textiles. The line of exclusive stoneware is designed in Sweden with production in Italy and Portugal. She not only designs and produces for her own brand Agneta Livijn AB but has also successfully worked for international superstar brands such as Ikea, Habitat, or Marks & Spencer. 

The designer launched its brand Agneta Livijn back in 1995 in Stockholm. Well, isn't this a brilliant discovery of my shopping roaming in Stockholm? Do you like her happy collection?

Photography via Agneta Livijn AB

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: From Sweden - Part 1

I am a globetrotter, yes, I admit. And I do fall for souvenir shopping. But not the kind of regular souvenir shopper who brings home some dust collecting, tacky knick-knack. Instead, I always buy something adorable and beautiful for my home. And when I travel to countries like Sweden that have are a design stronghold, well then my budget suffers but my interior & decor loving heart is happy as it can be! So, no wonder that I returned from Stockholm with a bag full of stylish goodies to remind me of a perfect trip on a daily basis. I bought ten different things and decided to share all of them with you - in two subsequent '5 Happy Inspirations' posts. Here we go with part 1. Check next week for the other five goodies I brought home from Scandinavia. Happy hump day, friends!

1. A super cool planter with Swedish printing from Granit, a store that offers everything practical for homes in grey, white, black and metal tones. Super cool & urban. By the way, this planter is a one of a kind since it was an item on display. The normal planters come without the print.

2. These handmade mugs won my heart over from the first sight when I spotted them in the extensive homeware section of the PUB department store. They are handmade and hand painted by Swedish artist Agneta Livijn and will cheer up every of my mornings from now on!

3. I couldn't resist when I found this Olle Eksell poster entitled 'Ögon' (Eyes) in a tiny little Scandinavian design store called E. Torndahl in Gamla Stan. It went right into my shopping bag. Now I only need an adequate frame for it!

4. This cute little Chinese teapot for one person was just what I needed to complete my kitchenware. I found it at the PUB department store.

5. It was clear as a sunny day that I won't leave Sweden without a Dala horse. But I didn't want a brand new one as you can find in almost every store in Stockholm. I wanted a black one. I wanted a vintage one. And I found it! In a little, tucked-away store in Gamla Stan. 

Anything here you like in particular? Next week I will share the other five goodies from Stockholm!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Minute Souvenirs From Sweden

Hello folks! I am back from a fabulous trip to Stockholm and - as you can imagine - enjoyed every bit of it! If you were following my Instagrams and tweets, you've had the opportunity to get a glimpse of my adventures in the stylish Swedish capital. Today I wanted to share with you my last minute souvenirs from the Stockholm airport: two great Swedish interior magazines, Sköna Hem and Allt i Hemmet. I couldn't resist to buy them and although I don't speak Swedish, the styling and interior tips speak to me nonetheless. I noticed an ever present trend of kilims in any variations: from rugs, to pillows and other textiles. Apart from that there is an abundance of spring colours to brighten up homes. But have a look by yourself, here are some of my favorite tear sheets. 

Photography taken by Igor Josifovic from Sköna Hem and Allt i Hemmet

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

A quick hello from beautiful Stockholm - as you can imagine I am having a fabulous time in this Scandinavian design metropolis. I can't wait to share my impressions with you. In the meantime, if you like some glimpses of my style adventures in the Swedish capital, check my Instagram account. I will stay here till Monday evening so I will see you back on Tuesday. I hope you are discovering something beautiful and new too this weekend! Have a fantastic & happy one, my friends!

Photography via Nordingarden

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happily Ever After: Stylist Daniella Witte

Hello my friends! As some of you know, I am currently spending some spring days in Stockholm, Sweden, enjoying the full power of Scandinavian design in this amazing city. So it was pretty clear that this week's 'Happily Ever After' blogpost will be dedicated to a Swedish topic. In fact, I chose a fabulous lady: the Swedish interior stylist, photographer, blogger and shop owner Daniella Witte.

Daniella gives an insight into her creative world over on her blog and you will fall in love with her work and inspiring spaces - natural hues, tons of textures, timid bits of colour. A stylish approach that inherits the sophistication of Scandinavian design with the personal musing of a creative mind. My favorite here? That extremely stylish yet comfy and cosy living room with the massive sofa embellished by those cushions and throws. A Friday dream...

Photography by Daniella Witte via Daniella Witte Blog

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Tour: Danish Abode With New York Vibe

Today again, we linger in Scandinavia. I told you all about my excitement that I am leaving today to Stockholm. So on the way to the Swedish capital I am taking a little detour with you, my lovely readers, to tour a sophisticated apartment in Copenhagen, the home of a mum of three. 

The high ceilings with stucco, the large windows, double winged doors and a plethora of design classics magically merge the sophisticated Scandinavian style with a grand New York vibe. 

The thoughtfully chosen colours, the dapper decoration and the refined furniture and textiles come into their own in this all-white space. Pay attention to the wooden floor and the modern fireplace - I could definitely feel at home here. But for now, I am heading a bit farther to the north. Stockholm, I am on my way!

Photography via Femina

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: From Sweden With Love

Now don't you wonder about my 'oh so' Swedish passion today. I am so happy to tell you that  I will be off to Stockholm as off tomorrow! It is my first trip ever to Sweden (can you believe that?) and I am so über-excited to discover the best of Scandinavian design in one of Europe's design capitals itself. I can reassure you that you will be part of my trip too - soon I will feature a special 'From Place To Space' post dedicated to Stockholm, and if you like to have a more real-time experience follow me on Instagram and Twitter as I will be updating you live from Stockholm. But now let's get in the mood with five happy inspirations from Design House Stockholm!

Photography: 1. Work Lamp, 2. Nordic Light candelabra, 3. Cobalt tableware collection, 4. Bono bowls, 5. Manana lamp, all via Design House Stockholm

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring With Rowen & Wren

One great thing with the change of seasons is the urge to redecorate the home, at least for us with a strong passion for interiors and home decorating, right? I am in the middle of redecorating my tiny 32 square meters and as usual I am looking all around for inspiration. On my ramble I've stopped over at Rowen & Wren, a beautiful UK based online store with a refined selection of home decoration. 

Browsing through their new spring/summer collection - organised in three themes, Timeless Living, Refined Rural and Distant Home - I got so inspired that I've decided to share my happiness with you! What do you think of this collection? Isn't it just beautiful? Here's to spring!

Photography via Rowen & Wren

Monday, March 19, 2012

From Place To Space: Belgrade

A new week, a new voyage! Buckle up, grab your cameras slash iPhones, put your shades on and enjoy. We are off to explore yet another city - this time the Serbian capital Belgrade. I assume most of you have never been there. Being of Serbian decent I had the opportunity to hop over for a few visits and stay at my friend's place. I was surprised by the city in many ways.

In Belgrade you will encounter a lot of juxtaposed sceneries - new, modern complexes versus old, sometimes dilapidated buildings, oriental Ottoman architecture mixed up with central European classic facades and counterbalanced by chunky socialist buildings. A weird mix of cultures, influences that reflect Belgrade's vibrant and sometimes rough history. Being settled at the confluence of two huge European rivers, the Danube and the Sava, Belgrade enjoys a lovely scenery and a good part of the nightlife happens on 'floating clubs', so called 'splavovi'.
Apart from the vibrant nightlife, you will spot some very cute and picturesque quarters such as the Bohemian Skadarlija quarter with many traditional restaurants, the huge Kalemegdan fortress overlooking the city and the river confluence, the impressive, Byzantine inspired St. Sava Cathedral and the village-like borough of Zemun. 

Some of my favorite spots in town are the following: The cute and charming bar/pop-up store 'Smokvica' (Little Fig) in the old Dorcol quarter, the stylish concept store and restaurant 'Supermarket' (a real Eames heaven and the average price of a dinner is 10 Euros!!!), the cosy courtyard garden of the traditional restaurant Jevrem, also in Dorcol, the amazing restaurant 'Mala Fabrika Ukusa' (literally: Little Taste Factory) with yummy traditional Serbian food is close to the St. Sava Cathedral, and the riverside cafés, restaurants and galleries at 'Beton Hala' like the 'Cantina de Frida'.

Speaking of my friend: I am sharing a few pics of my friend's Belgrade apartment. I love his taste and talent to transform a normal city apartment into a creative urban abode with a stunning high-gloss wooden floor, dark walls that highlight decorative elements, indirect lighting - lucky me that I get to stay in such a stylish place when visiting Belgrade. But no worries, there are very nice hotels, too! Have a happy new week!

Photography: Supermarket via Studio EM and 1984 Productions; Cantina de Frida via Cantina de Frida; Mala Fabrika Ukusa via its website; my friend's place by Slobodan Hrnjak; all others by Igor Josifovic.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Hello friends! This weekend we are welcoming spring here in Munich! The sunny and mild weather truly manages to raise the spirit. With the beautiful weather I am very tempted to get up in time and take a stroll at the farmers' market and indulge in fresh fruits, veggies and blooms. Now I was thinking that it's a brilliant idea to welcome some guests for a homemade dinner this weekend. And let's be honest folks, we love the hassle of decorating a beautiful table setting - whether it's a certain theme we aim at or a simple, seasonal setting, there's so much fun in decorating a table for beloved guests. Speaking of guests: I was very happy to be welcomed at some of my favorite blogs as a guest blogger. In case you missed it, here are the links to my guest blog posts. What are you up to this weekend?

I imagined my dream home at Apartment34
I picked some sweet goodies at Shop Sweet Things
I zoomed into a man's perspective on The Bedlam of Beefy
I combined my favorite colours on Rooms & Words

Photography via Martha Stewart 

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