Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interior Idea: Cabin Love

Summer time is vacation time. Currently, we can see many Mediterranean inspired interiors around the bloggersphere. White washed homes, bright colour accents, sleek pools. So I've decided to share another holiday idea today. Let's think of a refreshing escape to the mountains, a remote lake or a rugged coast. Out in the wilderness we come to enjoy fine and simple interior design - yes, I am speaking of cabin love.

I've spotted this marvelous cabin example on Marie Claire Maison and couldn't help but share it here with you. It is the lush home of a Dutch interior designer couple and features some amazing design pieces by Eames, Wegner, Castiglioni, Navone, Missoni & co. as well as a dominant use of wood - a design cabin if you want so. I particularly love the kitchen design with urban subway tiles to counteract the cabin look and the use of textiles, colours and patterns in the bedroom for a dreamy touch of orient. 

I've looked around the web and found a few pieces to recreate that look à la Happy Interior Blog. How do you like a bit of cabin love?

Photography: Cabin via Marie Claire Maison; 1. Harp chair via Swivel UK; 2. planters via WestElm; 3. coatrack via Nest
4. throw via Nube Green; 5. vintage box via Father Rabbit.

Monday, July 30, 2012

From Place To Space: Niagara Falls

I am no Monday person. So when I set up my blog last year in October, I've decided to fight the 'Monday Blues' with little memories and inspirations from my past trips. I am a restless voyager and while traveling I feel truly alive: I gather inspiration along the way (yes, inspiration for my home, too), I refuel my energy, I let the voyage breezes clear up my mind and remind me of the things that really matter. And discovery always goes hand in hand with great fun. So let me take you to a little exploration of the famous Niagara Falls - with the keen eye of a discoverer and a healthy portion of humour.

Admittedly, Niagara Falls can be counted into the most cliché destinations of North America. Nevertheless it is worth a trip to see the spectacular nature and the beautiful surroundings. The town itself is a weird concoction of some sort of Disneyland and sightseeing spot, but hey, once you're there, play along with the fun and enjoy a bit of frenzy. And yes, do the full cliché program, hop on the 'Maid of the Mist' and scream as loud as you can once you're literally under the Horseshoe Falls. And take the fashionable souvenir with you. Yes, the blue prêt-à-porter coat...

For a more relaxed and a way more cuter retreat, head off north to the charming little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake set on the shores of Lake Ontario at the borderline between the US and Canada. The town's streets are lined with picturesque historical buildings and hosts the annual Shaw Festival. So if you ever get there, enjoy an afternoon sitting in the lovely Shaw Café & Wine Bar enjoying the delicious sweet treats and a glass of the fine local red wine. And if you feel carried away, don't blame yourself for being weak: the town's official nickname is 'The Loveliest Town in Canada'. Well then, happy Monday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

There is one thing that unites all of us here: the love for homes. To be more precise - for our home. Now, in the midst of the holiday season (and just a week before I am off on holidays) I am thinking of the sweet feeling of coming home. I've stumbled over this amazing photography and it immediately triggered the notion of that very special feeling of returning home. That special emotion that we sense when we encounter our own space, our own home, our own bed. Even after splendid holidays in amazing hotels and beautiful locations - after all, nothing beats our home. So no matter where you are this weekend - here's to our special little place. Our nook that is so close to our heart. The place that is a part of us. Our home. Happy weekend, friends!

Photography via Homelife

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happily Ever After: Makoto Kagoshima

Apart from my obsessions for cushions, I do suffer of another weakness: my abiding lust for beautiful, handmade ceramics. When I discovered the Japanese artist and ceramicist Makoto Kagoshima I was head over heels in love with his delightful and delicate pieces that transform everyday moments into art. Imagine eating out of one of his plates - this would certainly feed my stomach and eye!

I adore his careful dedication to his artwork - he works with interesting tools like lightbulbs. The lightness of his paintings is an ode to the artful Japanese letters, his shapes and figurines speak of a special Japanese approach to design and taste. And all this is so appealing to me! 

With the piles of mass produced and cheap ceramics in high street stores, these handmade pieces come as a sort of luxury. The kind of ceramics you buy and adore, cherish, take out carefully and treat with due respect, knowing about all the love, dedication, work and care given to it by the hands of an artist. Now I feel like this Friday I need to treat myself with a little piece of handmade ceramics. Happy Friday, friends!

Photography via Biotope

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Decoration Idea: Letters

When I spotted this picture, I instantly fell in love with the look of it. The subway tile splashback, the rugged wooden countertop, the vintage faucet, the traditional espresso machine, the ceramic sink and the surprising pop of colour - the red letters saying EAT. The simplicity and individuality of this decoration is what I like most. In a rather neutral surrounding such a simple twist of decoration can really make a vivid statement. And it offers a countless number of possibilities: The letters come in various colours, sizes, materials, finishings. And if you love letters too and happen to come to Berlin one day, make sure to visit the unique Berlin Letter Museum (Buchstabenmuseum). Here's to letters for the home!

Photography via Heartbeatoz / Dustjacket Attic

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: At Home

Ever since I've got my new DSLR camera, I can't help but snap around in my home. So I've decided to compile a very personal '5 Happy Inspirations' post today by sharing five snapshots of little goodies at my home. I hope you'll understand why they make my home happy!

1. My succulents on my windowsill. I love them cause they manage to live in my too hot rooftop apartment and still look so fresh.

2. A great book that keeps inspiring me. Frida Kahlo was a real artist. 

3. I got this candleholder in sale last Saturday. I love its geometric shape and the texture of the stone. 

4. I brought some of my favorite Instagrams into tangible reality as fridge magnets by Picpack.

5. This is my favorite scented candle by Compagnie de Provence. Whenever I light it, my home smells like a refreshing boat trip on the Mediterranean.

Happy hump day, friends!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sponsored Post: Hello Canvas!

Have you ever thought of this: How much do you love your digital snapshots? For example your Instagrams? I love mine. But I have never thought of bringing a tiny on-the-go Instagram shot onto real canvas. Not until I was approached by the German company 'HalloLeinwand' (literally: Hello Canvas) and asked if I'd like to give it a try.

Honestly, I hesitated at the beginning. A photo on a canvas for my home? Nay, I am not so fond of. But then I gave it a second thought. I remembered how much I love my quick Instagram shots and how much I like to share them. Now having a canvas with one of my personal shots could be a cool one-of-a-kind decoration for my home or a super unique present for a friend. So I said yes. And I was very surprised.

I quickly chose a simple Instagram shot I'd taken on my last trip to the Italian Lago di Garda in May. The only requirement was that the pic has a minimum of 250 KB. I was pretty sure this will not work and not look good at all. A few days later I was proven wrong. The canvas surprised me tremendously. The quality of my shot is incredibly high and the colours are very vibrant - the lightsign seems even to glow on the canvas. Now I am pretty happy with the outcome and think it is an ideal and personal piece to decorate my kitchen or a breakfast nook in the future.

For anyone who likes this idea I am pleased to tell you that HalloLeinwand offers a 15 % reduction on any order by using the promotion code 'Happyinterior'. Now the hardest thing is to choose one of your cool Instagrams or digital photos. And then there will be more happiness in your home, too! Happy Tuesday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Monday, July 23, 2012

From Place To Space: Ireland

I won't start over again about the advantages of living in the middle of Europe. Weekend getaways are one easy thing to do and to enjoy. Some time ago I spent a prolonged weekend in Ireland. I combined a city trip to Dublin with the exploration of the beautiful Irish countryside. I blogged about my Dublin experience here, now it's time to show you a little bit of the divine Irish countryside.

From Dublin I took a train and after a 30 minutes ride I arrived in what I would refer to my cliché imagination of Ireland - in real terms Dalkey and Killiney Hill Park. A rough and wild sea, a steady breeze, lush green hills, picturesque little seaside villages with century old houses and churches and an ever changing weather. Sunny, cloudy, showers, sunny again - and all this within one hour. 

Killiney Hill Park is a superb way to enjoy Ireland by foot. If you ever happen to travel to Dublin and long for a bit of the wild, green Ireland, go to Killiney Hill Park. You can wander the pathways through the leafy park, climb uphill and enjoy a spectacular view overlooking the coastline and the Irish Sea. The area is dotted with beautiful Georgian mansions and nowadays home to many internationally known celebrities. After you've walked off your feet, stop by in downtown Dalkey for a piece of yummy cake and a coffee in the adorable Country Bake bakery. Blissful memories! And now back to Monday! 

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Staying in is my big plan this weekend. The weather forecast says rain and chilly. My body says rest and chilling. And my sofa says something like 'I am so comfy and look at your new cute pillow, snuggle up and stay here'. Well, after all it seems that even rainy summer weekends have a good side. They don't make you feel guilty for sleeping long and staying in. And if you abide by the concept of a happy home, you will most certainly enjoy even a rainy and cold summer weekend. By staying in. In your happy home. Happy weekend!

Photography via Katie Armour

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happily Ever After: Photographer Anna Kern

If you are interested in interior design, styling and photography, sooner or later you end up with something blissful from Scandinavia. Pristine interiors, a refined approach to styling, and design classics to please our craving for timeless beauty. That's how I ended up on the website of Anna Kern, a Swedish interior and lifestyle photographer.

I glanced through her amazing portfolio here and enjoyed every single click. Even though she features various interiors, you can always notice her great eye for colour compositions, angles and light plays. Whether it's a typical Scandinavian home with bright whites and small, colourful details or a more rustic, natural home with different tactile surfaces and patterns - her photography conveys the beauty that is inherent in any interior that is not an accommodation but a home with personality. Happy Friday!

Photography by Anna Kern

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Latest Buy: A Kilim Cushion

I have a problem. A serious problem. With cushions. I have too many. And, I keep buying them. Ok - any cure? I don't think so. Cushions are the best, most simple and most affordable way of redecorating your home, adding new accents, changing a style. For a very long time I have been looking around for the perfect little kilim cushion for my sofa. And after a long research I found the perfect one. I bought it on Ebay and it arrived today directly from Turkey. It is made of a vintage kilim rug with a plain cotton back. The colours are stunning - I love the combination of a soft mint green and dusky pink tied together with bold black. The pattern is amazing too and the vintage surface shows small imperfections which add character to this cutie. And all this in one cushion. For 20 bucks. This I call a happy Thursday!

Photo by Igor Josifovic

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Copper Love

To be honest, with this rather unspectacular summer in Germany I sort of am open-minded to think of the upcoming autumn and winter season. What will be hot for interiors? Any colour trends? New decoration ideas? Well, one thing that I really like and would love to see trending in the next season is copper. There've been quite some copper ideas around, but I think there might be more to come in A/W 2012/13. What do you think? Hot or not? Here are '5 Happy Inspirations' visualizing my idea:

1. You don't need real copper for the copper trend. Best proof: This DIY idea by A Merry Mishap.

2. Copper-like cutlery? I'd say yes for a spectacular dinner with friends. Seen on Anthropologie.

3. Copper pipes reinvented as a desk lamp as seen on Inreda Utreda Blogg.

4. Bring the copper trend to the streets, too - for example, with a flashy copper bike. Seen on Wit Industries.

5. This cute Lup candleholder by Hay has been for quite a while on my wish list. Seen on Finnish Design Shop.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gallery Wall Ideas

Here is another facet of me: I love art, art prints, illustrations, and anything beautifully framed. Living in a small apartment I am constantly challenged to withstand a new acquisition as I've already started just leaning framed art against the wall. However, I have been desirous for quite a long time about one specific decoration project: my own little gallery wall.

I don't know how it's with you, but I feel a bit insecure about it. The variety of prints and pictures, the diversity of frames and unframed solutions, the question of where to install the gallery wall and the final layout of it - all this seems so overwhelming that I have been postponing the project for quite a while. But soon, yes soon, I will tackle this open task. I was thinking of laying out all my prints and illustrations on the floor and thus creating a specific layout that works for me. I will have to buy a few more frames and then the hammering can begin. If you are thinking of the same, I've found a great step-by-step guide here. I've also decided that I am more the variations kind of guy - that means, I prefer different frames, sizes, shapes, colours. At least I think so. And if not, I will have yet another project to procrastinate. Do you have a gallery wall? Any tips? Questions? Let me know!

Photography: 1 via Design Crush; 2 via Vineet Kaur; 3 via Curbly; 4 via Remodelista.

Monday, July 16, 2012

From Place To Space: Chalkidiki

That I am a huge Greece lover is no secret here. I used to live and study in Greece and my love for the country and its people has grown even bigger during that period. And I was lucky enough to travel almost the entire country. One destination I would like to highlight today, is the northern Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki. 

The three fingers of Chalkidiki - Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos - are a popular holiday destination for the Greeks and many foreigners. However, sometimes this region is a tad neglected due to the high popularity of the Greek Aegean islands. So, apart from Santorini and Mykonos, there is more to see in this beautiful country. And Chalkidiki will most certainly not disappoint.

Especially when it comes to nature, the peninsula has a lot to offer. It has vast green spaces, untouched forests and dream-like bays and beaches. The shades of blue are immense - some beaches on the Sithonia finger resemble their Caribbean kinfolk. Even though the region is popular for camping tourism, you will find a good number of simple yet cosy hotels and apartments to enjoy the full Greek experience - just as I like to put it here: from place to space. Happy new week, folks!

Photography: Old man via Pinterest; Interiors via Marie Claire Maison; all others by Igor Josifovic

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

I am a pretty indecisive nature. I like to go out. I like to stay in. I like colours. I like monochrome. I like coffee. I like tea. Sigh.  That blend of tastes and likes defines my aesthetics. I tend to try different styles and combinations and sometimes I discover something new and unexpected that works. This rule applies for my bedlinen, too. I have many styles and colours, but during summer I love simple, natural hued linen. Their special tactile feel is the epitome of lazy summer mornings. So let us think of this little idea for a happy weekend: Cherish your aesthetics and apply to one important rule - there is no rule. Just your style. Have a great weekend, friends!

Photo by François Kong, styling by Karine Kong for Body and Fou

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happily Ever After: Pia Jane Bijkerk

What happens if you wander the world, you live in Paris, on a boat in Amsterdam, in Australia? When you collect delicate little gems, transform vintage pieces into remarkable ideas for the home, have a refined sense for a romantic and eclectic style? Well, I haven't got an answer for you, but I have an idea what it would look like - like the work of the Australian stylist, photographer and author Pia Jane Bijkerk.

Earlier this year I've reviewed her amazing book here on the blog, and it is illustrated with that specific and unique style that she creates and captures magically with her camera. No matter if this is your style or not, I've learned one important lesson from Pia's work: to notice the little details. To acknowledge their beauty. And to create ideas that stem from just one tiny peculiarity. Like a dried flower. Or a wandering heart. Happy Friday!

Photography by Pia Jane Bijkerk

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kitchen Idea: Open Shelves

I think I've nagged more than once about my super tiny kitchen here on the blog. However, with small kitchens you have to be smart when it comes to storage and display. One great idea to use the wall space are open shelves. They not only offer storage space, but also add a visual highlight to any kitchen.

I have five open shelves in my kitchenette and even though they are way less decorative as the one above seen on Helt Enkelt blog, I love to change the displayed goodies - an ever changing selection of simple stoneware, colourful bowls, tea boxes, a few white Ikea storage jars and an old candy box from the Bretagne - that's it about in my 'petite cuisine'. What's your stance on open shelves? Do you have some at home?

Photography by Anna-Malin for Helt Enkelt blog

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Cabin Vibe

We're half way to the weekend - truly a milestone, don't you agree? And thinking of half ways, I thought a real half way to proper holidays would be a cabin weekend in the surrounding mountains or on the shores of one of the Bavarian lakes. And thinking of a cabin weekend I got myself musing over a cabin vibe in interiors. This time, I've imagined a modern yet cosy cabin style: wood combined with graphic patterns, quirky details and a healthy pop of colour. Doesn't sound all to bad, right? So here are a few goodies to get the look:

1. A cute coffee platter with graphic pattern from one of my favorite Etsy stores, Asleep From Day.

2. Essential for the real cabin feeling: enamel mugs as seen on Labour And Wait

3. A quirky, nature inspired and hand painted Gemma Orkin vase from West Elm is ideal to add a touch of style to any cabin.

4. A good feature piece made of wood is essential, too. I'd go for a modern and sleek one - like the Zeitraum sideboard as seen on Nest

5. And colour goes everywhere. Really everywhere. I love this happy cushion from the brand new online shop of my fellow blogger at La Maison d'Anna G.
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