Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shop Love: Homewerx In Vancouver

Travel memories linger on for a long while. At least they do with me. And some very peculiar travel memories are my numerous visits to inspiring home décor and interior design shops around the globe. Last month I spent a few days in the Canadian city of Vancouver - you can read my blog post here. There, I discovered a few amazing interiors stores like this one and like today's shop love - Homewerx on Davie Street in the West End of Vancouver.

As an 'Urban Jungle Blogger' I was drawn into the store by the teasing sight of lots of greens in the store - the selection of air plants was immense as was the selection of creative terrariums and hanging planters. I was smitten by the rock crystals on offer (I had to buy one) as well as by the fine range of scented candles and stationery. 

Another highlight were the home textiles and décor elements - I spotted lots of Ferm Living there and was proud to see good European brands on the other end of the world. The rear end of the store has a good range of household products and crockery for stylish homes. Moreover, I learned that many interior stylists shop for props at Homewerx. 

Homewerx seeks to cater the modern lifestyle with a fine mix of home décor, home textiles, books, stationery and music, gourmet food and kitchen accessories, all carefully curated by the shop owner. I was absolutely charmed by the shop and loved every bit of it. As you can imagine, I didn't leave the store empty handed. And I doubt anyone of you would have.

What do you think of today's shop love?

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

Please don't tell me you are already in a full Xmas mode for your home decoration. Cause I am not. Not yet. The past autumn days were too sunny and too mild to think of snow and Xmas ornaments. Instead I am inspired by nature inspired hues for our interiors, with splashes of fresh and invigorating greens juxtaposed dramatically with darker colors or black. So this week's product recommendations sort of grasp the idea I have in mind:

1. HAY document folder via La Maison d'Anna G.
2. The DL 01 lamp by Estall is a fashion object as the shade covers can be changed and come in various colors.
3. This cute pastel colored plant pot by Leif Shop is a winner!
4. A black leather rug made of recycled materials - one of the great pieces by Rug Solid.
5. Add a tropical breeze to your home with this quilted cushion by Malagoon.

Happy hump day, friends!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

There is nothing more evident and clear than one stark fact: A lovely home is the source of genuine happiness. Your nest, your abode, your dwelling, your just your apartment! The furniture you've chosen over time, the precious details collected over years, the personal touches, memorabilia and a dash of quirk - your home is your personality, your home is you.

That said, I'd like to meet the person who lives in this apartment cause this room caught my eye. This room speaks of sophistication, of a profound understanding of personal style, of a life well lived, in sync with nature and the surroundings. It also tells me that the owner knows the tweaks of styling - the canny use of textures and patterns, a colour symphony using earthy hues and soft grey walls, the magic of placement and size, the addition of indoor plants for a healthy and stylish dwelling. 

This room not only caught my eye, it made me want to take a seat there and indulge in the happiness of a beautiful home.

Photography by Emily Johnston Anderson

Monday, October 28, 2013

From Place To Space: Sleepless In Seattle

A tad belated but still on a beautiful autumnal Monday, I am inviting you to a new travel adventure in my weekly 'From Place To Space' blog series. Today's destination: Seattle in Washington, the Evergreen State. And if you think 'Sleepless in Seattle' is a mere reference to the most famous movie playing in the the Pacific Northwest metropolis, then think twice: I hardly slept there indeed. There's just too much to see!

Seattle Views
First and foremost, there is one big advantage in Seattle: You get to see the city from a bird's eye perspective quite easily. Either you rocket up the famous Space Needle and enjoy a 360 degrees view from its top platform, or you enter the Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle and Washington State, whizz up to the observation deck and marvel at the city from the highest top possible. Oh and since we're in Seattle, you'll find a Starbucks in either tower. After all, this is the birthplace of the world famous coffee.

Pike Place Market
If you had enough of vertigo triggering high flights, you might be in the mood for something more stable, something more grounded. What's better than hitting the renown Pike Place Market with fresh fish and seafood in abundance, fruit, veggies, delicatessen and flowers galore. Look out for local, organic produce such as excellent honey or preserves, handcrafted souvenirs and some delicious treats for the little hunger in between. If you've seen the acclaimed movie as suggested in the headline, then you might recognize the 'Athenian Inn' restaurant. But if you're in the mood for really good food, I'd suggest you go a few steps further and turn into one of the little alleys in the market hall and climb up to the 'Place Pigalle' restaurant for excellent French food, fresh local seafood, impeccable service and astonishing views of the Puget Sound without packs of tourists all around.

Nature and Design
Speaking of the Puget Sound one can not ignore the multiple waterfronts. Take a trip on Puget Sound or set over to nearby Bainbridge Island or sail on the Lake Union. A walk along the waterfront is pretty entertaining, too. You will encounter many restaurants and shops, but also rather quiet corners such as the artsy Olympic Sculpture Park with great artworks of local and international artists. If you are into architecture don't miss the fantastic Seattle Central Library designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus - the entrance is free and the visit is really worth your time!

Trendy Capitol Hill
Another highlight is Seattle's Capitol Hill district with great shops for design lovers, amazing restaurants regarding food and interior design, as well as a very liberal and cool community with lots of students and creative folks. One of my favorite restaurant finds was 'Poppy' with a crazy new twist on thalis and a cool interior design concept. Thumbs up!

Blogger Friends
My special highlight was a cool blogger dinner with two cool friends - local blogger hero Uncle Beefy aka Bradford Cowder and the inspiring design connoisseur and blogger Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane, who is LA based but happened to be in Seattle for a visit, too. Bradford proposed a great downtown restaurant called 'Local 360', offering locally grown food within a 360 mile radius of Seattle. And our dessert came right from nearby Bainbridge Island - homemade cupcakes by the master of patisserie disaster Bradford. Thank you my friend! 

Oh, and we stayed in a wonderful airbnb place in Seattle. I will blog about that in more detail soon! Happy new week!

Photography by Igor Josifovic 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Botanical Prints By Pernille Møller Folcarelli

It is no secret that I am an enthusiastic urban jungle blogger and that I love greens in homes. On the other hand, I absolutely understand and accept that plants in homes is not everybody's cup of tea. But what about bringing the botanicals on your walls? How about the eternal beauty of immortalized, delicate leafs, twigs or feathers as unique, handmade art prints? Sounds interesting? Then take a look at the sublime work of the Danish artist Pernille Møller Folcarelli.

Pernille has always been fascinated by the botanical universe of plants and trees. For her latest series of graphic prints she is using natural materials such as leafs, twigs and feathers collected directly from her garden in Denmark. She works with a graphic press in her studio and uses the natural materials directly in the printing process thus creating unique, handmade prints that reflect the individuality of every piece of nature immortalized in her work.

The colour palette of the botanical prints is predominately black and white with hues inspired by Nordic nature. To me, these prints look like a perfect detail to Scandinavian inspired interiors. My personal favorite is the prints with three fig leaves. All her prints are available through her website for purchase. 

What do you think of Pernille's work?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Schoolhouse Electric: Get A Hipster Home!

Last Tuesday I took you to Portland, Oregon, the so-called capital of hipsters. Now, if my pictures haven't been proof enough, hold on - I have the coolest address to make your home a hipster home! Schoolhouse Electric is a Portland based treasury for hip furniture, home accessories, lighting fixtures and hardware. The product range is carefully curated and has a great hipster vibe to it, don't you agree?

Their online store is a constant 'click-teaser' - you will be repeatedly tempted to hit the buy button while browsing their cool collection. The overarching vibe is probably typical for the Pacific Northwest: It is a tad vintage yet contemporary, it is cool yet unpretentious, urban yet natural, and everything seems to be rooted and balanced. No frills, no fuss. Just plain cool style. 

I couldn't help but curate a little collection of my personal favorites. These would definitely make my home a hipster home. Ok, maybe I would grow a mustache and get a tattoo, too. How about you? 

Photography via Schoolhouse Electric

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

Here comes a novelty in Happy Interior Blog's third year of existence: The blog series '5 Happy Inspirations' will from now on be entitled 'Happy Interior Blog Recommends…' and will continue to be a product focus post where I share my favorite finds of the week. The number of recommendations will vary according to my loot, but be assured that it will continue to share things that please my eye and threat my budget!

This week's recommendations happen to have an overarching room theme - you guessed right, it's goodies for the bedroom. I mean the paper goods can be used anywhere else too, but I can see those in this entire colour scheme for a calm bedroom. But let's see in detail what we have:

1. These bedlinen are sheer luxury for your skin! Evencki is a Berlin based studio specialized in high quality bedlinen sourced in Europe. The fabric is woven in Italy and sewn in Poland. And this fabulous set above comes in a colour that makes me smile: Gentleman's Pink. Moreover, Evencki offers bespoke bedlinen. Now we speak bourgeois!

2. Tomorrow I am off to a showroom opening of Vartian Carpets in Munich. While doing some pre-openening research I've discovered their wonderful 'Remixed Orientals' collection featuring handmade rugs from various corners of the world. The rug above is called 'Mahal Coast' and is my personal pick. 

3. The Munich based paper goods label Ni Yui is a tiny workshop experimenting with poetic themes and special colours on quality paper. They produce charming postcards and paper light bags with sensuous motives such as the ones shown above.

4. I am the kind of guy who always reads before falling asleep. So a good table lamp on my bedside table is indispensable. And if I had to choose a new table lamp right now, I would opt for this Scandinavian inspired lamp called 'Hydra' by Fashion for Home. I simply love the combination of white and wood.

5. Artwork belongs in a bedroom, too. A nice illustration, photography or poster, whatever suits your style. The new collection of wooden illustrations from Ferm Living wins my vote - the 'Butterfly' illustration is the charming work by Danish artist Kristina Krogh

What recommended piece wins your heart this week?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From Place To Space: Going to Hipsterville - Portland, Oregon

Due to yesterday's blog birthday and book giveaway, this week's 'From Place To Space' post makes its appearance on an unusual Tuesday. But nonetheless I will make sure this yet another inspiring virtual trip to a new city. Today you are very welcome to join me to Hipsterville, the capital of hipsters, tattoos, moustaches and beards: Welcome to Portland, Oregon!

The City of Roses
Portland was my second stop on my Canada & USA trip mid September and early October. Since I was traveling the Pacific Northwest it was a must to go and visit Portland, the vibrant and cool city on the northern tip of Oregon. Some bare facts first: Portland is a rather small city. Very walkable or better yet easy to discover by bikes. It is also THE most bike-friendly city in the United States. The Willamette river divides the city into two parts which are interconnected with numerous bridges. Portland is also supposed to be one of the most optimistic places in the world with a very cool and relaxed lifestyle. It also is the hometown of the inimitable Kinfolk Magazine. It also is a foodie's heaven with a thriving food scene and great restaurants tucked away in various corners of the city and many food carts serving yummy food to-go. It is known for its numberless microbrews, so beer fans will feel like in heaven too, as will coffee lovers. It is nicknamed 'The City of Roses' and features one of the oldest open parks in the US with a fabulous International Rose Test Garden with more than 7.500 different roses. Sounds good, right?

Portland's Aces
I settled in Portland for four nights in the highly hyped Ace Hotel. The hotel is perfectly located in the city center and features a very Portlandian cool vibe - it feels almost like a hipster youth hostel for the cool crowd. Moreover it holds two more aces - the epitomized coffee place 'Stumptown Coffee' and a fabulous restaurant named 'Clyde Common'. Both highly recommendable. Coffee places are paramount in town so make sure you roam around and try all the different coffees as well. Opposite of the hotel is a brand new shopping passage called 'Union Way' with some very cool shops for fashion, interiors, food and sweets. I visited another very cool store at Union Way, but I will share it in a separate blogpost soon. Next doors to the hotel is also the delicious 'Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen' with luscious Jewish delicatessen and famed for its cured meats - make sure you're really hungry when you go there! Even book lovers just need to take a one minute walk to arrive at the fantastic 'Powell's City of Book', the largest independent store for new and used books worldwide. I spent like an entire evening there and left loaded with new and vintage books!

Keep Portland Weird
What attracted me most to Portland? I think it's the lifestyle in general. It was the first American city where I experienced such a relaxed, urban lifestyle, impromptu gatherings and performances on the streets, and an honest and refreshing friendliness of its people. A typical Pacific Northwest phenomenon is how the city liaises urban life with the vast surrounding nature. It is a short drive away from the wild Oregon Pacific coast as well as from the high, densly-wooded peaks of the Cascade Range. Go and see both! I will share more on the surroundings later on the blog. And when people say 'keep Portland weird' I will strongly agree if it means that the city stays as cool as it is. Or weird for that matter.

More Good Places
The problem with cities where you feel like almost every place you visited is recommendable, is how to break it down in one blogpost. Anyways, here are just a few more recommendable places if you ever happen to be in Portland: Mother's Bistro, Olympic Provisions, Barista, Voodoo Doughnuts (be prepared for queuing), Canoe for interior design lovers, Quin for the sweet thooths among you. If you have more recommendations, share them in the comment section.

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

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