Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest Blogging on German Lifestyle Magazine 'Brigitte'

Today I am beyond happy as I am guest blogging on one of Germany's leading lifestyle publications, Brigitte. The magazine's online version is doing a fantastic Christmas blogger round-up (called Weihnachts-Bloggerei) where German bloggers (design, decor, interior, food, DIY etc.) present a daily idea for the upcoming festivities. I was asked to participate and couldn't help but jump up and down of joy and hit the keyboard. I compiled a gift recommendation post on decoration/interior books. I am presenting some of my favorite titles (international and German) to Brigitte's readers and give a brief synopsis of every title. I hope the readers will find some inspiration and - maybe - a very adorable and lasting Christmas present for their beloved ones or for themselves. Have a look at my guest blog post on Brigitte Online

5 Happy Inspirations From Sparrow & Co.

Today's '5 Happy Inspirations' blog post is entirely dedicated to a fantastic new online store - Sparrow & Co. I happened to get in touch with the creative mind behind Sparrow & Co., Samuel Sparrow, on Twitter. While glancing his fine assortment of goods prior to opening the online store, I fell in love with his scented candles and ordered one immediately. Yesterday I was very excited to receive his tweet announcing the opening of his online store. The assortment encompasses a very carefully chosen and sophisticated range of beautiful articles for a happy & stylish home. The collection has an emphasis on unique, handmade products inspired by traditional crafting skills from various countries around the globe. I had a tough time picking only five goodies (I skipped the scented candles as I've already ordered them) and here are my personal favorites. Aren't these simply gorgeous? I am in such a wishing spree, tomorrow I will post more goodies that are making it right up my Xmas wish list! 

Photography via Sparrow & Co.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trend: Wood In Interior Design

With Christmas approaching and wintery temperatures outside, I am totally drawn to natural materials. Especially to wood to be precise. I love the cosy and homey look of wood in interior design. Moreover, not only it's a sustainable material but it's also very versatile and can add a rustic as well as a modern look to interiors. With this in mind I browsed the internet on the search for something that could translate this idea into a real space and I was lucky - I found two amazing examples that exhibit the power of wood in interiors and showcase the individual ways of using it. By coincidence, both homes that I'd like to tour with you today are Dutch. 

The first home is a stunning example of a barn-turned-home: Wood is the dominating material and demonstrates its power of linking traditional, rustic feels, with modern design approaches. Pay attention to the extraordinary little wooden stools and industrial style lamps that add a very modern and functional touch to this traditional home. Isn't it super cool?

The second example is an Amsterdam based home that has a very modern kind of design approach with modular solutions made of wood. Here again, wood dominates the rooms but it's partly painted in whites and blacks to add drama and structure to the space. The geometric notches are an amazing example of the wood's versatility for interior design. I love how they conveyed this idea throughout the home - perfectly executed in the kitchen, where even the kitchen shelves have the geometric shapes. Thumbs up!

Photography via Marie Claire Maison

Monday, November 28, 2011

From Place To Space: Dublin

Traditionally, I am inviting you on Mondays to a little virtual trip entitled 'From Place To Space'. Today I am taking you to the Irish capital Dublin. When I visited Dublin, I didn't know what exactly to expect. A wanna-be city? A less spectacular version of London? Pub town? And then I unpacked in the hotel and took off for a city tour - and loved every bit of it. I was surprised by the energy in the city, the vibrant atmosphere, great sights, lots of culture and a good'n'healthy shopping spree.

I visited the venerable Trinity College and its breath-taking library, I spotted great museums and galleries during the Dublin Culture Night, had a few pints of Guiness, and paid tribute to one of my all time favorite writers, Oscar Wilde. And when it comes to interior design, I can't help but feast on traditional interiors - I am thinking of the opulent drawing rooms where Mr. Wilde met his friends and attended parties. Ah, luckily there is a good deal of hotels in Dublin bursting with traditional interior design - residing there takes you on the fast lane to the 19th century and its opulence, decadence and extravaganza. Moreover, I spied (online) into the home of Sharon Greene, the brain behind the eclectic Dublin Flea Market and had a look at Klickity, a Dublin based design studio renowned for its contemporary product design, and found a cool Etsy shop selling typography posters inspired by the Dublin subway. Have you been to Dublin?

Photography: I in Dublin, The Temple Bar, Oscar Wilde, Drinking Guiness all by Igor Josifovic; Detail of Sharon Greene's home via House & Home Ireland; Typography posters via Etsy; Buskers via Enthralled by Beauty; Pendant lampshades via Klickity; Tailored Tradition via Ireland's Home Interiors & Living; Hotel pictures via The Shelbourne Dublin.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Hey friends! It's weekend again. Isn't it just perfect. I am off to visit my family and friends in Austria this weekend. Moreover, I will do some Christmas shopping in Austria, have a walk on the shores of the Lake of Constance, brunch with friends and spend time with my nieces. Speaking of kids: This weekend I will be fooling around with my nieces so I unleashed the kiddo in me (I wonder if it's ever leashed, though). I looked for playful inspiration and I spotted these super cool wooden figurines over at NYC based Areaware and love them so much! They are all made of wood from sustainable production and have a quirky feature - either they come as a little cube like the sweet Cubebot or as handy boxes like the animal figurines. Now, isn't there still a little kid in all of us? Have a happy weekend!

Photography via Areaware

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happily Ever After: Lisa Congdon Art

I'd like to live happily ever after...with art by fantastic San Francisco based illustrator and fine artist Lisa Congdon. While reading some of my favorite blogs I spotted Lisa's work and fell instantly in love with it. The vibrant colours, the extraordinary motives, and her love for detail made me go weak and with Christmas approaching I've put one of her amazing prints right up on my wish list. Her art draws lots of inspiration from nature yet it is so urban - this amazing juxtaposition of feelings evoked by her art made me a huge fan of hers. So, here is my ode to Lisa Congdon in San Fran from remote Munich, Germany.

Photography via Lisa Congdon

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Xmas Present Inspirations Galore

This is a quick little in-between post today. I stumbled upon a lovely e-magazine these days and loved its holiday issue that is packed with gift ideas for the upcoming festive season. If you are still looking around for gift inspirations (just like me), you might want to glance through the lovely 'Gifted Magazine'. Enjoy!
 All images via 'Gifted Magazine'

I also browsed through the wonderful Anthology Holiday Special Issue that features many adorable present ideas - and all that in the expected visual quality of this fab e-mag. Feeling inspired? Got any ideas for the upcoming festive season? I know my shopping list is growing from day to day...

All images via 'Anthology'

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's Get Inspired: 5 Happy Inspirations

It's Wednesday and thus time for a new round of '5 Happy Inspirations'. You might have noticed one thing:  I am still resisting the urge to post Xmas related decoration - I know, when I start I won't be able to stop till the end of December and so I will wait a little bit longer. Which is not difficult at all with so much inspiration all around. This week these beauties caught my eye:

1. This amazing low chair called 'Amore Mio' by Jon Goulder is a whimsical modern interpretation of mid-century design.

2. The 'Seaside Lantern' by Fashion for Home is just the right thing for a wanna-be seaman like me!

3. How about tales not in books but on plates? Crazy? I'd say quirky. Like the Massya collection by Travarente

4. Colour, colour, colour - am I annoying with my yellow obsession? Anyway, I do love this coffee table called 'Luke' by Fashion for Home.

5. A new year is approaching and thus the need for a beautiful new (preferably handmade) calendar. I love this fruit inspired one as seen on Etsy

Happy hump day, folks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going Wild: My 'Dream Home'

Last Sunday I was very happy to be guest blogging on fabulous Apartment 34 about my dream home. If you haven't had a chance to see my ideas and inspirations for my dream home, here they are for all of you to have a look at. I am wondering, is there anything in particular that you like or don't like? Let me know, I am very keen to hear your opinions!  

Monday, November 21, 2011

From Place To Space: Brussels

It's time for a new trip to gather interior inspiration. Ready? Buckle up and join me on a happy voyage to the charming Belgian capital (and technically speaking, the capital of the European Union) Brussels. The Atomium is supposed to be one of the city's landmarks, but I am way more drawn to the old part of the town with magnificent buildings and facades that take you on the fast lane to past centuries and refined visual aesthetics. Strolling down the cobbled streets of old Brussels will enchant every visitor. I love the blend of styles and inspirations that is evident all over Belgium. You will find a blend of French, Dutch, German inspirations (all these are official languages, too) - all these blend together to a unique Belgian style. 

That is also reflected in sophisticated interiors. There are so many stunning interiors that even the publisher Taschen decided to issue a book entitled 'Brussels Style'. I need not mention the plethora of ravishing little stores dotted throughout the city with beautiful home decor and luscious chocolates. For those of you who can't avoid diving into tasty adventures too, don't forget to try the compulsory Belgian waffle with chocolate and fresh fruits, real Belgian 'pommes frites', Belgian mussels, and one of hundreds of beers. And: never, never forget to buy a few boxes of delightful Belgian pralines as a souvenir. Most of the time I end up eating them all by myself though. Having said this, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves now! P.S. Brussels has a number of super cool and stylish hotels among them fabulous ones like the Pantone Hotel or the quirky Hotel Bloom!

Photography: Me in Brussels by Igor Josifovic; Brussels Style book via Amazon; Brussels old town via Travel Europe Tumblr; Midy & Almada Brussels home pic 1-6 via Elle Decor; Tenbosch Brussels home pic 7 & 8 via Apartment Therapy; Hotel pics via Pantone Hotel

One Month With You!

Today is a special day for me - my little, beloved Happy Interior Blog turns one month old today! I wanted to use this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for spreading the happiness. Thank YOU for being around. This is MY Thanksgiving Day! Have a great day, folks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guest Blogging On Amazing Apartment 34

Today I am super excited and happy to be a guest blogger on the fabulous Apartment 34 blog. San Francisco based Erin asked me to write a blog post on my 'dream home' which was more than appealing and a bit scary. I am drawn to so many styles and ideas that I thought it might be rather tricky to break it down to one specific 'dream home'. But as things evolved, my dreamy apartment shaped up and I love the outcome! See my blog post in detail on Apartment 34. Thank you, Erin! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Hey my beloved readers! It's weekend again! Finally some quality time to reboot and recharge our inner battery. And since the days are getting colder and gloomier, I am planning on spending lots of time indoors, snuggling up in my bed with a good book, a sublime scented candle glowing, and serenity all around. Doesn't that sound simply perfect? Well before I crawl into bed I will also spend some fun time with my friends. Tomorrow, I am off to a local flea market with two lovely friends and afterwards we'll have brunch. Then I am off to do some Xmas shopping - goodie bags need to be prepared! But then Sunday....well, Sunday in bed. That's my plan and by the way, it's also the name of a sweet Munich based shop. I took a pic of the shop window for you! Have a great weekend, friends!

Photography: Shop window by Igor Josifovic; cover and bolster by Zara Home; scented candle by Diptyque; book by Amazon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happily Ever After: Ethnic Inspiration

I'd like to live happily ever ethnic inspired interiors.

Some of you might know that my family roots lie in the Balkans, to be precise in Serbia. So throughout my childhood I was faced with many ethnic inspired elements in my parents' home. I've despised some of those traditional elements such as handmade crochet work. I admit. But then, I was always drawn to the wonderful oriental rugs and cushions at my grandparents' house in southern Serbia. 

So I decided to dedicate today's 'Happily Ever After' blog post to ethnic inspiration. Ethnic as a word can encompass a wide array of traditional inspirations from every corner of the world. However, I focused on a few styles that are widely known as Aztec, Navajo or - of course - Balkan and orient inspired. 

I like the fact that ethnic elements can be used as accents to juxtapose interior styles or to add focal points in rooms. Thus, I am convinced that an ethnic rug for example can perfectly work in an urban apartment with modern furniture and accessories. After all, it's all about playing and finding the personal style. In a nutshell: Make a statement with your very own interior design!

Photography: Camel pic via Desert Dreamer; Serbian Pirot kilim via; Artpiece "Eunuch" via; bedroom via Design Sponge; hallway via Re-Nest; baskets on wall via Rooms for the Revolution; Aztec rug via Pinterest; rug pattern via Pinterest; workspace via Design Labyrinth; Mexican Tree of Life via Tilton Fenwick; ethnic fabrics via Simplified Minimalism; Serbian Pirot kilim in chapel via Tanjica Perovic.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yellow Fellow!

November days can be really dull and gloomy. Grey and foggy weather, cold air, it's still dark when I get up early in the morning, it's night already when I leave the office. In a nutshell: These days I suffer of a considerable lack of light! I assume most of you living in similar climate zones can relate to this. Thus, I can't help but think of one colour: Yellow! So, I decided to become a 'yellow fellow'. It's amazing how this colour can bring sunlight, warmth and - yes, you guessed right - happiness to every home and place, interior or exterior. Whether it's a yellow painting, a yellow cushion, a few honey-coloured bowls or a yellow feature wall - it's that easy to boost my energy and happiness. While typing this blog post I am looking around in my apartment - currently I have a bunch of yellow flowers, yellow bed linens and a yellow dominated art print by Berlin based illustrator Olaf Hajek. Yes, I definitely am a 'yellow fellow'!

Photography: Melbourne pic via CubaGallery; pencils via thesetingstaketime; heart on wall via Design is Mine; yellow chair via weekdaycarnival; sidetable via sfgirlbybay; yellow deco setting via oh hello friend; yellow heater via Apartment Therapy; vase via Anthropologie; yellow desk and floral painting via Julie Hendriks Schilderijen; yellow painted wall via Desire to Inspire; yellow painting via mydesignchic

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's Get Inspired: 5 Happy Inspirations

Today I am thinking of an urban retreat - a small downtown apartment, illuminated during night by neon signs, filled with city sounds, busy downstairs with a little café and the local corner shop. Even though this can seem rather stressful to some, for me it is sheer bliss and my daily life. I do love some days off at the countryside, but for my daily life I am still drawn to downtown locations and notoriously too small apartments. So today's five happy inspirations are all about an urban lifestyle for people like you and me!

1. How about a sleek desk with a concrete tabletop by Paulsberg? I can so see a cool iMac on this desk!

2. Small urban apartments call for smart storage solutions. So here we go with a quirky book-bike-shelf combination as seen on Diet Coke And A Smoke Tumblr.

3. I can't go without colour. So how about a dash of vibrant colours on this snazzy illustration by Society6?

4. For a cool stool I'd travel the world. Luckily, with the internet they come to me. Like this gem - the Y stool by New Zealand based designer Tim Webber.

5. Speaking of cosmopolitan home decor: Here we go with an eye-turner floor lamp called Tinga by Toronto based graphic designer Tahir Mahmood.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Small Spaces that ROCK!

Today I am going to be scarce with words and let these amazing pictures speak for themselves. It's all about living in small spaces - living a happy and stylish life. Ever since I moved to Munich I've been living in a very small roof top apartment and calling 32 square meters my little happy place. But small space does not mean small style. These examples are just a few proof points! 

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