Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Hey my beloved readers! It's weekend again! Finally some quality time to reboot and recharge our inner battery. And since the days are getting colder and gloomier, I am planning on spending lots of time indoors, snuggling up in my bed with a good book, a sublime scented candle glowing, and serenity all around. Doesn't that sound simply perfect? Well before I crawl into bed I will also spend some fun time with my friends. Tomorrow, I am off to a local flea market with two lovely friends and afterwards we'll have brunch. Then I am off to do some Xmas shopping - goodie bags need to be prepared! But then Sunday....well, Sunday in bed. That's my plan and by the way, it's also the name of a sweet Munich based shop. I took a pic of the shop window for you! Have a great weekend, friends!

Photography: Shop window by Igor Josifovic; cover and bolster by Zara Home; scented candle by Diptyque; book by Amazon.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend Igor. It's so much fun preparing for Christmas, enjoy!


  2. Oh I love them too, Catherine!! They are pure luxury! Have a super weekend!

  3. I've been burning scented candles this weekend, too. Such a luxury but so relaxing! Hope you've had a top weekend! xo

  4. Hi Igor! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so impressed with what you've done with yours in such a short period of time. It looks great!

    I love your weekend pics. Brideshead Revisited is on my "to read" list & I hope to get to it soon. Hope you had a great weekend!


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