Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn Inspired Interior Design

Yesterday morning I went to work and I decided to use this chilly autumn morning to boost my energy and face a new day in the office. I took a deep breath of the crisp air, snugged into my scarf, and sipped on a hot cup of coffee-to-go while enjoying the colourful foliage and soaking in the morning sun rays. Immediately I felt inspired to write a blog post on autumn inspired interiors. Imagine saturated hues of mustard, ochre, dark blues, mauve, rich grey and earthy brown tones. Isn't it amazing how every season brings in fresh inspiration not only to fashion, food, but also to interior design and home decoration? With this twist of things, I am enjoying every day of autumn. Do you?

Photography: Foliage by Igor Josifovic; Blue bedroom via Anne Sage; room with beautiful painting via Pinterest; living space in mauve via Pinterest; yellow bed via Loft Life; ethnic cushion via Magpie & Rye; room with ethnic rug via Dietcokeandasmoke Tumblr; mustard sofa via Escapade Blog.


  1. Igor, I agree. Something about the chilly air, falling leaves, and soothing daily comforts like a cozy scarf, a hot cup of tea or coffee, just makes me apprieciate all the changes that come with the changing of seasons. Not to mention all the beautiful colors like the ones you posted! My favorite cozy colors (if there is such a thing) are dark grey, blues, with hints of yellow to keep my spirits up when the weather is down :)

  2. Beautiful, Autumn is my favourite time of year and these colours are stunning. x

  3. I love your picture of the foliage - the colour is deep and intense!

  4. We live in a part of the US where my husband and I feel that autumn is particularly muted. It's the coastal south, so while the sky is that gorgeous deep, deep blue, the rest of our palette is more subtle, I think. Part of me longs for the deep, deep reds and golds of other parts of the country, but I'm learning to appreciate the particular beauty that resides here. The colors you've chosen are rich and warm, and just what I need! I especially like the jewel-toned blues and goldenrod yellow.

  5. @Liz: We agree on that - colours make me happy, too:-)
    @Laura, Will: thank you my friends:-)
    @Lauren: That's the good thing about interior design and a bit of seasonal home decoration - no matter how muted the season is outside, you can always bring in some colourful autumn accents into your home:-) thanks for sharing your viewpoint!

  6. Igor I love this post...Although the weather in Canada has been a tad crazy lately we get beautiful autumns usually. I want that painting of the lady above along with all of the fab furniture!...Also, I love this blog of yours...well done!
    fellow BYW student,

  7. As I see, you had the same wonderful, sunny autumn day in munich like we had here on the north coast. And yes, these powerful colours are so inspiring! I love autumn!
    Sunny greetings,


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