Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Happy, Happy New Year!

Here it is, the last day in 2011. Today I will take some time to recap what I've achieved in 2011, what I haven't achieved, what was great, what was not so great. I think it is a good moment to go through the biggest moments in our personal life and think of whether we are on track of what we consider our life. Have I been more happy than unhappy? Have I been a helpful friend? Have I been more smiling than crying? Have I had more good thoughts than bad ones? I hope everyone of you will look back to a successful, healthy and happy 2011. And more than that, I wish you a very happy, joyous, healthy, successful and amazing new year - let 2012 come and celebrate life and never forget to live what we love and love what we live! See you next year my happy fellows! Love, Igor xoxo

Photography: Couple via Haley Sheffield; wreath via Kayli Tumblr; chair via Lokal 54.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happily Ever After: Olaf Hajek

I have already shared my passion for arty illustrations and art prints for interior decoration. Today I want to present one of my favorite German illustrators - Olaf Hajek. Olaf Hajek's work is marked by an extremely original style and working process. None of his illustrations is digital, he rather works as a painter and uses acrylic on paper, cardboard or wood. Thus, each of his illustrations has a refined touch of handmade art. Ever since, Olaf Hajek has become an internationally renowned artist and has been commissioned illustrations for big clients such as Financial Times, The New Yorker, Carrefour, Rolling Stone, Coca Cola and many more. His work exhibits a striking array of vibrant colours and his style recalls memories of Frida Kahlo and other folk art interpretations. The illustrations surprise with unexpected combinations of elements coming from different cultures and convince with a unique and lively interpretation of nature and people. An amazing round-up of his artwork can be seen in his book 'Flowerhead'. For the record: I have his book and one of his illustrations (the very first presented in this blog post). Isn't his artwork simply stunning?

Photography via Olaf Hajek

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interior Candy: 'Theresa' Restaurant In Munich

Many of you know already that I am living in Munich, Germany. Now I thought it might be a good idea to present some cool places I discover in my hometown from time to time. That is being the case with a fantastic new restaurant called 'Theresa'. I started hearing this kind of typical city rumours when a restaurant is about to open and after it's glamorous opening: people talking about the new 'place to be', discussing its design, its food, its owners, its guests. This was just what happened with 'Theresa'. I was jumped to their website to get a first glimpse of this so much rumoured place and I loved everything I saw there: The interior design is super cool, urban, industrial (oh my, do I love those pendant lights and how matching are those Tolix stools!!) yet welcoming and warm. The menu sounds more than luscious. But above all: the rumours are beyond promising. Now I am lucky enough to be in charge of organising a business lunch with one of my clients in early January. Guess which place I picked? Right. Soon I will have a date with the famous 'Theresa'.

Photography via Theresa Restaurant.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 Happy Inspirations: Fireplaces

In the middle of the winter, in between the old and the new year, I am craving for warmth, cosiness, the relaxing sound of crackling fire, a mug of hot cocoa...all this in mind made me think of homey fireplaces. I never had a fireplace in my dwelling, but boy would I love it! Hence, I took a little blog journey and went on a search for five happy and inspiring fireplaces and I think I found them. I love each and every one. Do you have a favorite?

Photography: Inspiration 1 via Canadian House & Home; Inspiration 2 via Stylizimo; Inspiration 3 via VT Wonen; Inspiration 4 via Jennyshus; Inspiration 5 via My Marrakech

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Place To Space: Berlin

Hello back my happy readers! I hope you had a great Christmas feast with your family and friends and got lovely presents! Had good food? Well then let's work that off by taking a little inspiring trip. Destination today: Berlin. The bustling and vibrant capital of Germany. 

A few years ago I made an internship in Berlin and worked in the downtown city area named Berlin-Mitte. The office was on the upscale shopping street Friedrichsstrasse and walking down this street just gave me a perfect notion of Berlin. In the parts close to the glamorous boulevard 'Unter den Linden' the street is effervescent with life and top-notch boutiques, new buildings, stylish shop windows. On the other side, you quickly arrive to the famous 'Checkpoint Charlie' where the line between the American and Russian Army used to be after WWII. That's also where you will find the clearly marked course of the old Berlin Wall (at Checkpoint Charlie a good number of souvenir shops sells little pieces of the so popular yet tragic wall). Looking around, you can spot lots of free building sites and once you detour into one of the side streets you will quickly behold very old and worn buildings. That is the essence of Berlin! A vibrant and intriguing contrast of old and new, shiny and rusty, refurbished and worn. This ambivalence is also represented in Berlin's inhabitants, varying cultures, subcultures thus creating a very productive soil for art, design, and creativity. Berlin attracts a great deal of creative folks and so it is more than natural that the German capital also bursts with a striking number of inspiring interiors and homes like these few selected examples.

If you happen to go to Berlin don't miss the stunning museums' quarter with the amazing Pergamon museum, the countless galleries with modern art, avant-garde, retro style and so forth. Don't forget the historical Brandenburger Tor, the Holocaust memorial, the modern Potsdamer Platz, the East-Side Gallery, the beautiful Hackesche Höfe with lovely stores in winding little alleys and courtyards, the monumental Gendarmenmarkt and the leafy residential areas like Schöneberg and Friedrichshain. Ah, there's so much more to see... 

Photography: Photo 1-5 and 9-10 via Freunde von Freunden; Photo 6-7 and 11-12 by Igor Josifovic; Photo 8 via This Architecture.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas from Paris!

Salut mes amis! I wish you all a very happy and joyous Christmas! I am currently in Paris enjoying a festive atmosphere with lots of amazing presents, delicious food, theatre visits, walks in the illuminated city and above all with beloved ones. No matter if you celebrate Christmas or not - I wish you a very happy season surrounded by people you love. That's what matters! I will take a little time off and I will be back next Tuesday with more happy inspirations. Have a very happy & festive season and see you soon! Au revoir, mes amis!

Photography: Eiffel Tower via Reverie Daydream; walking couple via The Telegraph; Paris snow globe illustration via Etsy; shop front via Design*Sponge.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happily Ever After: Freunde von Freunden

Today I'd like to introduce you to a close group of friends from Germany who are the driving minds behind the international interview magazine 'Freunde von Freunden'. This magazine portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their 'natural habitat' - their homes or within their daily working environments. The interviews reveal the personalities and the numerous photographies offer a glimpse into the world of a creative mind with multifaceted impressions of cities, various art scenes and international urban living. In November they have published their first book featuring some print only exclusives and a selection of highlights from the past two years. Jump over to their website but be warned: you might forget about time and lose yourself in heaps of creativity and urban inspiration. Happy Friday, friends!

Photography via Freunde von Freunden

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Do you have rugs? I assume you do. I only have one rug in my living room - it's a black and white zigzag rug that I bought from Urban Outfitters. But, I do have some smaller rugs to change the look of my room from time to time or according to the season. I got some nice colourful rugs from Zara Home and local rug stores. Whenever I change the rug in my apartment, I am absolutely stunned how this element changes the whole look and feel of a room. Rugs not only add texture and a haptic experience to our interiors, they also act as focal points, colour accents, or pattern highlights. What kind of rug type are you? Ethnic? Urban? Geometric? Monochrome? Shags? Well, the options are manifold and can add some more interior happiness to your home styling. Isn't that rug-tastic?

Photography: Bike pic via Apartment Therapy; Ethnic rug via Anthropologie; white rug via Ikea; zigzag rug via Dwell Studio; striped rug via The Rug Company; hallway via Emmas Blogg; kitchen via My First Little Place; living room via Flickr; bedroom via Pinterest. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Happy Inspirations: Ceramics

Today's '5 Happy Inspirations' are dedicated to one of my all time favorites for my home. Ceramics, porcelain, tableware. Sometimes I think I am a little bit maniac when I catch myself buying the 14th bowl, the 9th mug, yet another vase, more plates, I better stop here. I don't know why, but I am always drawn to beautiful ceramics - in shops, online, at flea markets, at thrift stores.  I tend to play with various designs and shapes and do some kind of mix & match game with ceramics at home. These five 'happy chaps' caught my eye this week - the handcrafted still life plate by terrain, the vintage looking blue pot by Fleux, the happy Kate Spade mug, the adorable light garland plate by West Elm, and the ethnic inspired ceramic bowls by Tine K Home. Do you have a favorite here?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Tour: Scandinavian Gallery Home

After yesterday's trip to southern Europe, I am taking you today on a home tour up in the north. This Scandinavian home has caught my eye. This arty home does not showcase the typical cliché Scandinavian interior design with a dominance of white, airy spaces and a mix of mid-century and modern furniture. 

Here, I was drawn to the classic space (man, do I admire the height of the ceilings) and the eclectic mix of furniture and exposed art. An industrial desk lamp, pop art on the wall, and a crystal chandelier? Sounds weird? Yeah, but the outcome in this home is stunning. The refined combination of styles and materials demonstrates a very personal approach by juxtaposing art, gems, tchotchkes and furniture to a gallery kind of interior styling.  

Photography via Bo Bedre

Monday, December 19, 2011

From Place To Space: Portugal

It's Monday and thus time for yet another inspiring trip. Ready? Here we go! Today I am inviting you to join me on a sunny trip to Europe's south-western tip, to colourful Portugal. Portugal is one of my favorite countries. The vibrant life on Lisbon's streets, the winding alleys and paths in Lisbon's old neighborhoods like Alfama or Bairro Alto, the ever charming Portuguese tiles, the rugged western coast, the sunny beaches on the Algarve, the delicious fish dishes, and the unique and sensuous sounds of Fado. You see, plenty of reasons to visit this beautiful country. 

All this passion and lust for life and colour is to be seen in Portuguese interiors as well. I travelled from Lisbon down to the Algarve and back and was so inspired. I found three creative and very welcoming Portuguese homes that exemplify the country's vibrancy, manifold history, and love for colour. From a countryside home via an urban retreat in Lisbon through to a colourful home in Ericeira - my excitement knows no limits! Apart from the adorable interior designs, I am sharing some pics of my trip as usual. I hope you enjoy it!

Photography: Interior Idea 01 via Modern Design Trends; Interior Idea 02 via Interior Design Files; Interior Idea 03 via Elle Decor España; all other images by Igor Josifovic.
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