Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being A City Blogger For 'Schöner Wohnen'

My little quest to conquer the world continues - and now please lots of laughter everyone! So, after my opener let's get serious. Very serious. Cause I was approached by Germany's leading interior design magazine, 'Schöner Wohnen', and asked if I'd like to be a city blogger and present some of my favorite addresses from Munich on their site. I was flattered, I admit. And yes, I joined this fine bunch of German bloggers and answered 11 design oriented questions regarding Munich. Moreover, I had the opportunity to present a favorite location:  

I picked an 'art gallery gone bar gone fashion boutique gone midcentury furniture source'. Yeah funky description, right? The gallery is located just opposite of my office and it's a  mixture of art, fashion, bar and midcentury furniture (that can be bought there!!!) drew my attention long time ago and I keep going back there. I took a few pics of the location and wrote my little story about it. For all you peeps who speak or read German, here is the link to my interview and to the gallery report. I hope you like the outcome!

Photography by Igor Josifovic via 'Schöner Wohnen'

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Smile!

Hump days need to be celebrated - with a happy bunch of '5 Happy Inspirations' that made me smile this week. Wanna share a smile? Here are five good reasons to smile:

One: Make your kitchen the dancefloor! With this funky tea towel by Howkapow.

Two: Handmade and hand painted in England, this tea pot in a mustard hue with a white bottom cheers up any tea drinker. Spotted at Sparrow & Co.

Three: Serve some happiness! For example on this super happy 'Forest Tray' by Howkapow.

Four: Are you a cineast? Do you love old movies and artsy illustrations? Then go for this cool '1950 Film Alphabet' poster by Stephen Wildish. No worries, more decades are on sale!

Five: How cute is this Austrian made 'Scoop it' cake in a glass jar? Available in various colours and tastes. Found here. Yum!

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Afternoon With Sweet Paul Magazine

Hello folks! Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend! I certainly did. The good thing about long weekends is you finally get to do all the things that you've procrastinated during the past days and weeks. I had a pile of books and magazines to go through and enjoyed a warm and lazy afternoon on my sofa enjoying the spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. Since it's the US version I must say I was lucky enough to win one copy on Twitter and hence enjoyed a 140 pages of spring bliss. 

I am pretty sure that most of you know Sweet Paul Magazine and love it, too. I really like the idea of combining cooking, home decoration and amazing photography in one magazine. Plus I love the idea that a blog has become a print magazine. The power of blogs rocks! In the meantime, be prepared for the Summer issue that will be published this Friday and a German issue has hit the newsstands here, too. I just didn't get a copy yet but will do soon! Happy Tuesday friends! P.S. Excuse my poor photography but I just took quick snaps with my iPhone.

Photography by Igor Josifovic 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Giveaway: Greeting Cards From Wonderland

Hello my dear readers! I am happy to announce a new giveaway sponsored by Le Canot Rouge. This time we are giving away two 60$ worth sets of 15 greeting cards with adorable animal motives from Wonderland. The bike riding moose, the pie eating bear or the observing owl - these greeting cards are prints of hand drawings by Laura Morrish and currently on offer on Fab. Moreover, these greeting cards not only spread happiness but give back, too. Le Canot Rouge donates 10 % of gross sales to animal welfare causes. Happiness for you and for the animals!

This giveaway is open worldwide and all you have to do is visit the website of Le Canot Rouge and tell me in the comments below which animal character wins your heart. The giveaway closes on Sunday, June 3rd at midnight CET and the two winners will be drawn randomly. Join in the fun!

Photography via Le Canot Rouge

From Place To Space: Lago Di Garda

Traveling inspires the mind and the heart. However it requires enough time and money. Though not here on Happy Interior Blog. Every Monday it is my big pleasure to take you on a little inspiring voyage 'From Place To Space'. Today we are heading to the Lago di Garda and nearby Verona in northern Italy. Lean back, grab a glass of good Italian red wine and enjoy!

The scenic shores of Lake Garda are just a stone's throw from Munich so I decided to spend a little birthday weekend in this corner of northern Italy. The lake stretches from north to south and bursts with small beaches, picturesque little towns and an abundance of Mediterranean flora. The western coast is called the 'lemon coast' whereas the eastern side is named the 'olive coast'. Some of the cutest little towns are Sirmione, Garda, Salò, Limone sul Garda, Malcesine. I was staying in a little family-run hotel in the southern town of Sirmione. Renting a car is a good idea in this region since you are more flexible to discover the approximately 160 coastal kilometers of Italy's largest lake. 

Lake Garda is an ideal place to spend a relaxed time with extensive walks, bike rides, sunbathing and savouring the delicious Italian cuisine. Don't forge to bring home some lovely little souvenir: local, handmade ceramics are traditional in this corner of Italy and rich in colour and designs.

Moreover, the Italian city of Verona is close by. And don't miss a day visit to this Italian gem! The spectacular Arena resembles Rome's Colosseum, the shopping opportunities are abundant, the restaurants are great, the architecture so typical Italian and charming. But the majority of tourists travels to Verona to experience the magic of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare set his world famous tragedy in this city and the assumed balcony of Juliet can be visited in downtown Verona. The sight includes some quirky phones where you can listen to snippets of the story, walls covered in love graffiti and hundreds of locks that seal the love of so many couples.

So if you have a spare weekend and need some good, relaxing times, jump over to Lago di Garda and enjoy the Italian 'far niente' with one or two glasses of good Spritz. Happy week!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

A long and happy weekend is here! What a fabulous opportunity to enjoy life to its maximum. As you might have noticed I like to come back to the topic of 'happiness' rather frequently (I count on you and your comments when I am getting overly obsessed). But I just wanted to share this little thought with you that came to my mind while I was walking back from work yesterday. I tend to take the same route everyday. Which gets a bit tedious I must admit. Then one day I changed the way to work and it was all so different. Just because I changed a little habit that I've got so used to. Yup, I changed a little pattern and found myself a bit happier than before. Maybe it is all it takes, from time to time, to boost and invigorate our happiness - to change patterns. Leaving the beaten track and discovering new, winding ways. In all aspects of life. How about starting it right now? Whatever pattern you decide to change, I wish you a fantastic and happy weekend! Oh, and since I am not only a happy blog but a happy interior blog, how about these fantabulous patterns by Ashley Goldberg? Swoon!

Photography via Ashley Goldberg

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happily Ever After: Stylist Susanna Vento

Yet another Friday, yet another happy post about a professional out there in the interior design, styling and photography world that keeps on inspiring me. This time I'd like to dedicate the post to the utterly talented Finnish interior & prop stylist Susanna Vento.

When I went through her extensive portfolio I couldn't help but gasp a few times. Gasp of awe. I love her great eye for forms and colours that sparkle through all her stylings. I am also impressed by the wide array of styles she covers and plays so skillfully. Whether it's a romantic setting, a very graphic setting, industrial charm or ethnic inspired theme - her work is professionally executed, the props are carefully chosen, the setting a real composition for the eye. What a great way to visually celebrate this Friday, don't you agree? Have a great day!!

Photography by Susanna Vento, Kari Hautala, Kristiina Kurronen, Mirva Kakko via Susanna Vento

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Featured in Interiors Magazine 'Landhaus Living'

Today I want to reveal a little secret to you. Actually, a rather open secret. One of the clues to inner happiness, at least for me. Have you ever thought about the fact that we often measure and evaluate our being and our deeds by the appreciation and acknowledgment of others? One of the rules I keep repeating to myself every day is that I am able to achieve my goals, to fulfill my dreams, to change things. All by myself. That I am strong enough. With my mind, my heart, my hands. We are all unique and strong in our own ways, we just need to want it. And to believe in ourself. And then inner happiness kicks in. 
On the other hand, appreciation and acknowledgment by others is something that enhances our lives, too. Ever since I embarked on the adventure called blogging I came to appreciate this fact even more. I consider myself a very lucky and above all happy blogger. I was warmly welcomed by all of you out there, you keep on supporting me and even some companies, PR reps and classic media have noticed me and my little 'Happy Interior Blog'. I already guest blogged for one of Germany's biggest lifestyle publication, but this time I am for the very first time featured in a print issue. I am one of the 'decoration experts' in the current issue of German interiors magazine 'Landhaus Living' and was asked to give a little decoration tip for the bathroom. I was beyond honoured to be considered an expert and asked to contribute to this issue. Especially since I found myself next to one very successful German blogger, Yvonne of Fräulein Klein blog. Well, to keep things short: Thank you 'Landhaus Living' & thank you all for being so supportive!

Photography by Landhaus Living Magazine

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: From Bella Italia

Hello my friends! I am back from my little Italian getaway and enjoyed some relaxing days of best Italian 'far niente'. As you can imagine, the beautiful country has inspired me and I've decided to share some first happy inspirations with you in today's post. No worries, a full recap of my trip is due next Monday as a 'From Place To Space' blog post. Ok, and to be honest, I've missed you all a bit and - as some have noticed - I couldn't completely disconnect. But I digress. Let's feel a bit of Italian spirit for your life & home:

One: For a genuine Italian feeling you should be an Espresso drinker. And make sure to prepare your Espresso with style - for example with this foxy red Espresso maker

Two: Design is a key word in bella Italia. I fell in love with the contemporary design of the Italian Bent Wood Chair.

Three: When thinking of Italy we often recall the big names of the fashion world. Luckily, some of them have quite adorable homeware lines. Like Missoni. And its Jocker chunky-knit wool throw.

Four: Everyone who has visited Italy knows one fact about Italian traffic. It is chaotic, loud and full of cool Vespas. I love this vibrant, orange hued version.

Five: One of my favorite souvenirs from Italy besides food: good quality, handmade Italian ceramics. Definitely a good option: the amazing pieces of Bitossi Ceramics.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

The very moment you read these lines I will be there. Yes there, I am referring to the picture above! I am spending a relaxing prolonged weekend in Italy on the shores of Lake Garda. This is actually one of the best ideas for a happy weekend - traveling and chasing inspiration. Discovering new places, new people, new food, new interiors. I am carefully collecting all the lovely inspiration here and will make sure to share it with you in one of the upcoming 'From Place To Space' posts. Up to then, I am enjoying my little mini vacation and I will see you back here on Wednesday. I wish you all a fabulous and above all happy weekend! 

Photography via We Heart It

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happily Ever After: Stylist Caroline Davis

What a happy Friday it is today. First of all, I am off to a mini vacation in Italy and secondly, I am very honoured to present the inspiring work of one of my blogger friends, British stylist Caroline Davis of Trend Daily. I am pretty sure that some of you know her or her work, but I wanted to dedicate this 'Happily Ever After' blog post entirely to her work as she keeps inspiring me on Instagram and her blog. I love the dreamy touch to her vignettes - the little vintage details embedded in a simple setting, the delicate play with colours or the retro elements in a light-flooded home, all these made me want to learn more about Caroline and her way of working.

As a family mother and someone who followed an interesting career path I decided to ask her a few questions in order to find out more about her way of thinking and creating. Here is my mini interview with Caroline and her really inspiring answers:

Coming from textile design and fashion you've maneuvered your way into interiors consulting and styling. What attracted you to change your career path?

Caroline: I kind of fell in to it by chance after being in marketing and PR. I loved the freedom of being able to create a feature from the simplest object or colour and build it into a photographic story. You also have to move on from project to project really fast and constantly re-invent the wheel, which is perfect for fidgets like me! Textiles, fashion and interiors are all integral to styling, so I'll always have them in my life!

Describe your personal interior style in three sentences.

Caroline: A little bit of Scandinavian. A little bit of Ethnic chic. A little bit of Retro!

Where do you find inspiration?

Caroline: Packaging; nature; car boot sales; colour in everything; textiles; wonderful window displays created by the most incredibly talented people!

What are the qualities of a good interior stylist?

Caroline: Stylists require never-ending vision to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; energy and enthusiasm to source something new and different;a magpie instinct for collecting anything and everything that may just come in handy one day!; an almost incurable habit of styling every conceivable corner in your own home and the desire to do the same to everyone elses too!!

Being in the business, is there currently a specific trend in interior styling?

Caroline: A stylist will take a trend and make it very personal to them. Pastels for the Summer months and the enduring popularity of mixing vintage with new classics will be interpreted in every conceivable way in the magazines.  The end look could be as natural or as staged and dramatic as you like-the variations in styling are endless!  

Thank you Caroline!

All photography by Caroline Davis of Trend Daily

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Tour: Cute Details & Design Classics

I take it as given that you who read these lines love homes and interior designs. Thus, I guess you are a bit like me. When I visit friends or when I get invited for the first time to a new home, I can't help but let my eyes wander around and look at everything - from the bold elements to the cute, little details. And if I am asked whether I'd like a home tour, you already know my answer. 

Now as I am not so lucky as to be constantly invited to new, inspiring homes, I am a bit rude and invited myself into beautiful homes by visiting them through interior magazines. When I popped over at one of my beloved Danish interior magazines, Bolig Magasinet, I spotted this happy home. I love the little, personal details in combination with some all-time design classics such as the Eames rocking chair and 'Hang it All' rack, the Tom Dixon, Louis Poulsen and George Nelson pendants or the Wegner Wishbone chair. And at the end of this little home tour I told myself: I need a nice design classic to enhance my home. Do you have a design classic at home?

Photography by Martin Dyrløv via Bolig Magasinet

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Don't Feel Blue...

After yesterday's flashy pink door I thought I'd dedicate today's '5 Happy Inspirations' to one of my favorite hues, blue. There is one absolutely important rule when it comes to blue: Don't feel blue, decorate with blue! Whether you like the Blues, Blue Velvet, blueberries, the blue Smurfs or blue fashion items - don't forget to add a tad of blue to your home, too. You can go from bold to delicate. 

Inspiration 1: Paint a blue feature wall like this one as seen on Design Sponge. Use a saturated blue like Farrow & Ball's 'Cook's Blue'.

Inspiration 2: Get yourself an eye-catching throw with a geometric pattern and blue accents. Like the Harlekin blanket from Fine Little Day.

Inspiration 3: Get handy and DIY a cool wooden chair. Then paint it, spray it, watercolour it, dip dye it - but keep it blue like this one as seen on Static2.

Inspiration 4: You are a blue pro? Then revamp your bathroom and enrobe it in blue vintage tiles like here as seen on Traditional Home.

Inspiration 5: For the indecisive - keep it small and flexible and add blue accents with a little stripey rug. Choose for example this one as seen on French Connection.

So, if you ever hear of a 'blue Wednesday' then you know where it comes from! Happy hump day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pink Chalkboard Door

Chalkboards and chalkboard paint for interiors has been around for quite a while. Yes, we can say it's trending. And the dominant colour is - black. But have you ever seen or thought of pink chalkboard paint for a bright pop of colour in your home? No? Then check this fabulous pink chalkboard door that I've spotted on 'ourcitylights'.

This simple yet super fun DIY project was easily accomplished by buying pink chalkboard paint through Amazon and putting on four coats on the wooden door. Easy peasy. And the result is super cool and so fun. Put your shopping list on your door, today's menu, a love message or a fun drawing. I am inspired! Now let me find the right door!

Photography via ourcitylights

Monday, May 14, 2012

From Place To Space: Naples & Pompeii

A new week, a new adventure. This time it’s even a bit more, it’s a ‚birthday adventure’. Some of you might know that I celebrated my birthday yesterday and I thought it’s a good idea to take you on a birthday trip. Last year a childhood dream of mine came true and I went to visit the excavations of the ancient city of Pompeii and climb the volcano Mount Vesuvius. I was staying in Naples and experienced that south Italian port town as well. But let me guide you through.

Let’s start with the host city, Naples. Napoli is located in southern Italy and is the regional capital of the Campania province. It is situated underneath the volcano Mount Vesuvius on a wide Mediterranean bay. Enough romanticism. The city is a mess. Let’s put it clear. When I arrived in Rome and rented a car, the person at the counter asked where I wanted to go with it. After saying Napoli he raised his eyebrow and I think he sold us a triple insurance. A fact I came to appreciate after experiencing the Neapolitan traffic. The only rule that applies: honk the hell out of it and don’t give in!

Beside the fact that Naples seem to be in a contant chaos and is plagued with several binmen strikes a year, I happened to discover some charming corners, particularly in the old town. The narrow streets and little shops are full of Italian authenticity – way more than the polished stradas of Rome or Milano. And the food, the food. No words. You must try it. I haven’t had one single mediocre dish while being there. Everything was incredibly yummy and fresh. And if you happen to visit Naples one day, don’t miss the best pizza in town in ‚Da Michele’ – a tiny little tavern with just a few pizzas on the menu and incredibly low prices. Plus, this little place hosted some world famous stars that are depicted on the restaurant’s walls. And another little culinary tip: In some pizzerias you will find a teasing dessert pizza - a pizza with Nutella. Nothing more to add!

The main reason for my trip was the ancient town of Pompeii. During my childhood, I always wanted to become some sort of Indiana Jones and Pompeii was the most fascinating spot on earth for me. Thus, I spent a whole day wandering the cobbled streets of the ancient town that gives you an excelllent idea of how people used to live 2000 years ago. The almost perfectly preserved examples of architecture and interior design – yes I paid attention to that too – is simply stunning. The richness of interior frescoes, the abundance of colours and the refined structures of ancient homes was worth every chaotic minute in Naples. To round-up my last year’s birthday I climbed the volcano Mount Vesuvius up to his main crater and enjoyed a magnificent view of the coast and Naples.

You might ask now ‚what about this year’s birthday trip“? Well, this on is yet to come and will be featured here soon. Happy new week!

Photography by Igor Josifovic

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