Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Scented Candles

A few days ago on Twitter, I bewailed my woeful state of running out of scented candles. During the gloomy and cold season I so depend on the warming glow, the soothing odour and the beautiful design of scented candles in my home. Moreover, during winter I have my little evening blogging ritual including a blanket, cushions, a cup of green or white tea and a lit scented candle. This really makes the creative juices flow.

Now, being in desperate need of a new inspiring fellow, I looked around and found five beauties - and here they are, as this week's five happy and fragrant inspirations.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneak Peek: 91 Magazine Spring Issue

It's end of January and to be honest, I am starting to feel a bit 'over and done' with winter and can't wait to welcome spring. Since the weather outside refuses to accept my wishes, I am warming my eyes and heart with a little exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming spring issue of 91 Magazine.

The 78 page edition is packed with inspiring and promising features including a look inside four London tearooms. This gives us a 'behind the scenes' peek and discovers how they have created their nostalgic interiors and how they've expanded their businesses to more than just tea. 

There is a beautifully styled and photographed feature about crafty ideas for creating the perfect Easter table setting and style expert and author Jane Cumberbatch shares her favourite vintage finds from her own home. And much more - to be seen as of tomorrow at 91 Magazine. Enjoy! 

All photographs via 91 Magazine

From Place To Space: Rome

This time it's you have decided on our next 'From Place To Space' destination. I asked you on my Facebook page to pick the next inspiring place and the winner is Italy's charming capital Rome. Well, your wish is my command and here we go - andiamo a Roma!

I spent a prolonged weekend in Rome and discovered magical places, historical monuments, inspiring cafés and restaurants, beautiful hotels and food to die for. The 'Eternal City' has a lot to offer: Discover the ancient traces of the Roman Empire by visiting the grand Forum Romanum and the world wide known Colosseum. Wander the winding streets of Trastevere, sip on an Italian espresso along the Tiber riverside and get enchanted on the Spanish Steps. Don't forget to make your wish on the popular Fontana di Trevi and feel the vibe of religion and the 'Illuminati' movie when crossing the (invisible) border to Vatican. The  stunning St. Peter's Dome and the Sistine Chapel will leave you with awe. 

I need not mention the compulsory shopping in Italy and the divine food - pasta and pizza will never taste the same after a visit to Italy! And regarding accommodation you can opt for stylish design hotels to satisfy our craving for inspiring interior design. For this blog post, I've picked three amazing hotels for an unforgettable Rome experience - the Margutta 54 Hotel, the Pulitzer Hotel and the top-notch Portrait Suites. With such a balcony and view over the 'Eternal City' - what could one wish more? Alla prossima, ragazzi!

Photography: Hotel pictures via Tablet Hotels; other pictures by Igor Josifovic.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

With a busy full-time job and a high-flying blogger schedule, I hardly have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. But if I were able to enjoy all the nice things during the week, what would the weekend serve for?

One thing I love about weekends is having the luxury of time to enjoy a relaxed and laid-back coffee with friends, with my mum or all alone - at home or in a wonderful café. Like this one: the Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne, Australia. Ok, truth be told, Melbourne is maybe a tad too far away from Munich for a weekend trip, but if I were in Melbourne, I would probably go to the Market Lane Coffee to enjoy a cup of their hot brew and indulge in the aesthetic interior design - double bliss! Have a great weekend, friends!

Photography by Peter Bagi via Sprk.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happily Ever After: Simple & Serene Kitchens

Do you know this feeling: You are in your home, you look around and feel the immediate urge to remove the surplus books on your bedside table, the half a dozen burnt down candles on the sideboard, the excess vases on your shelf. You feel the need for simplicity. For air to breathe. For a clean and uncluttered space. Well, truth be told, with my tiny apartment I must do this from time to time. And I do. Especially in my teeny kitchenette.

With this zest for simplicity in interiors in mind, I went around and about looking for inspiring ideas. And I happened to encounter deVOL kitchens. A delightful producer of bespoke kitchens, other furniture and accessories mainly made of wood. A simple glance on their brochure revealed the serenity, sophistication and somewhat traditional design of their products and I daydreamed away imagining my personal bespoke kitchen. Well, I was pretty sure you will like this amazing design made in England, too. Honestly, isn't it simply great?

Photography via deVOL Kitchens

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Guest Blogging!

This week is a pretty exciting one for me as a blogger. I received a call from a German national TV station and they interviewed me about my blog and even wanted to film my apartment. Well, I had to refuse the filming as it was really at a short notice and my day job would not allow such quick adjustments to my schedule. But there was more happiness this week! 

I was very honored to guest blog on one of my favorite US lifestyle blogs, Shop Sweet Things. Ever since I discovered this San Francisco based blog, I've followed and enjoyed Jeanne's refined taste and style. I've particularly grown accustomed to her Monday blog series entitled 'Sweet Things Under $20'. Now can you imagine my happiness when Jeanne asked me to guest blog for this very blog series?! Exactly, first I needed to shake off my happy frenzy and then I got myself ready to chase some lovely and inspiring picks under $20. Read my full guest post over at Shop Sweet Things. Thank you, Jeanne!!

Moreover, I was asked for a mini online interview and a personal selection of pretty things on the creative hub DaWanda. DaWanda is a European online marketplace for unique and handmade items and bursts with creative goodies. So it was a breeze to select products with the tad of happiness required. If you understand German, see my mini interview here (otherwise, have a look at my product selection). Thank you DaWanda team!

And let me tell you one thing...there is more to come these days! Stay happy, my friends!

Photo collage by Jeanne for Shop Sweet Things; DaWanda images by DaWanda.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Pendant Lights

I think it is no interior design secret that good lighting is a prerequisite to style. Without adequate light or with the wrong light, a room won't have a pleasant atmosphere regardless of how beautifully the rest is styled. Luckily, today we have the choice of a big variety of light solutions to accentuate our interiors. Sophisticated rooms tend to have soft pools of light coming from multiple sources. Consider table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and pendant lights, think of exposed bulbs, quirky lamp shades, wooden solutions, enamel, metal, paper designs. 

So, for today's '5 Happy Inspirations' I've compiled five really inspiring pendant light examples to revive our lighting ideas and maybe trigger some inspiration for our own homes. Do you have a favorite?

Photography: 1 via Designboom; 2 via Coco Flip; 3 via Muuto; 4 via Dottir & Sonur; 5 via This Is A Design Blog.

New Shop: Mignon Kitchen Co.

Do you know that feeling when you click on a link, a website pops open, and from the very first sight you know: I enjoy this, I love this, I so need to blog this! Well, that exactly happened yesterday when I clicked on the link to a very new online shop called Mignon Kitchen Co. I was reading the great Odessa May Blog of one of my US blogger friends, Jennifer Prince, and discovered this little gem. Now tell me, isn't this sheer happiness for the eyes? Mignon means cute in French and yes, this shop and its products are more than just cute. 

Mignon is Seattle based and run by Rachel Ball with - I can tell - lots of passion and love for making and sharing food. Rachel also writes the beautiful Elephantine blog - check it for more enchanting inspiration. The shop carries a selection of curated goods for prepping, baking, serving and sharing food, from everyday tools to little indulgences. You will find an inspiring assortment of kitchen tools, pantry pretties, tabletop accessories and packaging ideas. 

I really love to discover beautiful new shops and websites and this one is a perfect example. Starting from the fantastic logo design and typography, the amazing product photography to the refined selection of products - this is exactly how an online shop should be. Thumbs up and triple like! What do you think, friends?

Photography via Mignon Kitchen Co.

Monday, January 23, 2012

From Place To Space: Barcelona

Here on Happy Interior Blog, Mondays equal to inspirational trips entitled 'From Place To Space'. And this Monday is no exception. Ready? Here we go, destination: Barcelona!

The Catalonian capital and Spanish metropolis Barcelona is one of the most lively and bustling cities in Europe. A rich history, multi-faceted architecture, a vivid art and design scene combined with a Mediterranean lifestyle and pleasant surrounding make Barcelona the place of choice for many people. Names such as Gaudí or Güell come to our minds and the quirky and unconventional facades of many historical buildings in Barcelona, the famous Parc Güell and the renowned Sagrada Familia. These two personalities marked the city's modernism period and defined a unique Art Déco style. But Barcelona has more to offer: the medieval Barri Gotic with the monumental cathedral, the romantic Plaça Reial, the busy Ramblas, the inspiring Mercat de la Boqueria (food market) and the lush beaches in Barceloneta. 

This huge variety of styles is also transferred into the city's interiors. Famous homes that are featured in Spanish and international interiors magazines showcase modern, minimalistic homes, mansions with historical details, but also quirky and colourful apartments. In Barcelona, everything seems to work and nothing seems to be wrong. 

For a perfect panoramic view head to the Parc Güell or to the top of nearby Montjuïc mountain. And don't forget to enjoy the culinary highlights with dozens of yummy tapas plates, a rich Paella, fresh fish, and the delicious Crema Catalana or Churros con chocolate. Hasta mañana, amigos!

Photography: Light flooded apartment via Nuevo Estilo; colourful apartment via Mi Casa Revista; other photography by Kathrin Braumann and Igor Josifovic.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

It is weekend. A feeling of bliss and happiness. Although a mean cold has crossed my eager plans to attend the international furniture fair imm in Cologne this weekend, I am still happy. I will use this weekend to finally obey to what I am always postulating here on my weekend posts. To slow down. To balance body and mind after a rough and busy week. To listen to the body and not feeling guilty for spending a lazy weekend without plans or to-dos. And you know what I love most about my weekends? I love the little things. Like breakfasts. It's the only time when I can fully enjoy a relaxed and delicious breakfast. I like waking up and taking a slow and extended breakfast. Freshly brewed coffee that disseminates its smell in the entire apartment, fresh pastry, a bowl of cereals or porridge, one or two spoons of rich jams and Nutella, a glass of squeezed orange juice - and the day can come! Have a great weekend, my friends!

Photography: Quote via Amandarxs Tumblr; coffee via Honeypie Living Etc.; Pastry via Sister Mag Tumblr

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happily Ever After: Stylist Myrica Bergqvist

Today I'm featuring another great stylist on Happy Interior Blog: The Swedish stylist and furniture designer Myrica Bergqvist. When I spotted her work, I knew immediately that this must go on the blog sooner or later. I love her eye for details in interiors, the open and unconventional approach to colours, and the quirky and sometimes almost odd touch to her styling. The interiors surprise with playful and original details yet avoiding a stuffy or over-styled look. Just have a look at these pictures. Isn't it great? For more please visit her website here.

Photography via Myrica Bergqvist

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