Friday, November 9, 2012

Happily Ever After: Young German Design

Today I would like to present you a great young German designer in the blog series 'Happily Ever After': Sascha Grewe. He is an utterly talented young man with a witty sense for design and most certainly lots of happiness in his work. He is the man behind the label entitled 'Art Can Break Your Heart'. And to be honest, his colourful 'Letter' collection is right up my alley! I also love his motto: Kitsch can make you rich, but art can break your heart.

Add a single letter stool, combine them into words, pile them up - Sascha's design seems to adamantly evoke a playful desire to style up any interior. Some of the pastel-coloured stools have an additional storage functionality and thus combine usability with a funky design.

I would absolutely go with a positive and happy combination saying 'YES' in a happy combination of blue, yellow and pink. Would you like to play with these great stools in your home? What would you do with them? I am curious, let me know!!

P.S. If you like his designs, you can simply order them directly through Sascha by dropping an email to

Photography via Sascha Grewe, room picture by Julia Schenk


  1. I love anything that has to do with typography and letters! I'd love one of those stools in my home! So stylish! x

  2. These are AWESOME! As you know I love beautiful typography too. The most difficult part about Sascha's furniture would be to choose which letter(s) and/or color to buy...

  3. Aren't these fun? I can so imagine them in a kids room. But hey, I'm a big kid so I can imagine them in all sorts of places.

    Pastel??? Nah. Bold colours for me please!!!

  4. I love them, especially the blue and pink one. They're so much fun as well as having a practical purpose. Great find!

  5. I love these stools - would be fantastic for a playroom, you could spell out any word. I have to use them!

  6. His motto is fabulous and I believe I already have a crush on his grey coloured letters, the darker colour. Thanks for the introduction!

    PS. Glad the photos took you to Paris ... mission accomplished ;-)

    1. Well done, Lisa:-) You always manage to do so!

  7. OMG! I have got to have these!!!
    They're practically perfect in every single way. :D
    Thanks for sharing, Igor!:D

  8. Like like!!!
    The grey ones of course!

  9. love the fun colorways and these chunky letters! I actually would like to use them as base for coffee table with a piece of glass to go on top. Sorry for the gay man talk ... If that guy in the picture is Sascha ... he's one HOT designer!!

  10. Πω πω τι ωραια κια τσαχπινικα ραφια!

  11. so einen wünsche ich mir ja schon lange..


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