Monday, November 12, 2012

From Place To Space: Fuerteventura - Part Three

For the past two weeks I have taken you along my little voyage to the beautiful and charming Canary island of Fuerteventura. With today's third part I am rounding this inspirational trip up and hope to have managed to send out some warmth and happiness from the island.

I was very inspired by the island's variety despite of its relatively small size. Divine beaches are counteracted by a rugged and wild countryside with abandoned Cochinilla farms (used to produce real crimson red) and forsaken little villages. 

It is the island of goats and excellent goat cheese, beautiful pottery, succulent aloe vera plants, white washed houses and sandy beaches.

If you ever consider a trip to this island, I can warmly recommend the Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa resort in the town of Caleta de Fustes. You will be welcomed with a cold glass of champagne and hosted with excellent service. Three restaurants, an extensive pool and wellness area and great rooms will treat you very well.

I will let you grasp the idea of what I mean with the pictures here. I hope this makes for a good start of a new week! Stay happy!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. You are such a tease:) It's freezing here in London and you show me this!!!!

    Beautiful photographs and the one of you in the wild countryside is stunning.

    Thank you for a colourful start to the week. See you later:)))))))

  2. what a fab vacation destination! Great beaches, luxe hotel, and stunning sceneries and architectural details everywhere!! Jealous I would say!!

  3. Oh, what a view!! I love inspirations like this, some nature, beauty, culture...lovely;)
    Have a great week:))
    It would be so nice to see you on my blog;)

  4. Hey Igor, thanks for stopping at my blog and become a member, welcome :)
    I thought I was already on your's but after looking at the best 100 blogs on Modenus I noticed that I wasn't. But now I am, great blog! Look forward to every new post.
    Greets, Martine.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I escaped to Spain too hoping for some sunshine, but the Costa del Sol wasn't in the mood for it last week. You're incredibly lucky... and feeling recharged for the winter, I'm sure!

  6. Fuerteventura's colors are so gorgeous and a great start to kick off this new week!

  7. my parents called today from the sun in the Canary Islands and then I open your blog post to find this ... I think the universe is trying to tell me something!

  8. What a place Igor!!!my biggest kisses!!have fun!

  9. ohh seeing these photos have transported me back home in a flash. I love fuerteventura, to me the most beautiful of the 7 island, I live in Gran Canaria, well in London most of the time really. I must visit the chinchilla finca, gorgeous beaches and blue skies that i so much miss when in the UK. I am very much looking to spend my xmas and january back home and hopefully a short trip to fuerte!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. marga

  10. ahh did you see the goats? they are everywhere, tried the cheese? to die for...

    1. I did & I brought back loads of goat cheese!! Did you see my other two parts, I even tried the traditional 'cabrito' :-)

  11. Hello Igor! Stunning pictures! During our last trip in January we admired a lot the blue residence at the old cochinilla farm, its colour reflects so much the colours of water of some beaches of the island. The destination is indeed very inspiring. A pity that we have already eatten all the goat cheese we brought.


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