Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Tour: Scandinavian Gallery Home

After yesterday's trip to southern Europe, I am taking you today on a home tour up in the north. This Scandinavian home has caught my eye. This arty home does not showcase the typical cliché Scandinavian interior design with a dominance of white, airy spaces and a mix of mid-century and modern furniture. 

Here, I was drawn to the classic space (man, do I admire the height of the ceilings) and the eclectic mix of furniture and exposed art. An industrial desk lamp, pop art on the wall, and a crystal chandelier? Sounds weird? Yeah, but the outcome in this home is stunning. The refined combination of styles and materials demonstrates a very personal approach by juxtaposing art, gems, tchotchkes and furniture to a gallery kind of interior styling.  

Photography via Bo Bedre


  1. I love everything about this space, just beautiful!

  2. I like the long shelves that run along the whole stretch of the kitchen!

  3. I LOVE the ultra fancy chandelier surrounded by grounded, cozy textures. Gorgeous home!

  4. Great use of wall colours throughout - simple and neutral yet stunning!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. My favourite things: The wall lamps in the bed room and the white table lamp in the dining room. It looks a lot like Jielde (which I have a total crush on at the moment)


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