Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Happy, Happy New Year!

Here it is, the last day in 2011. Today I will take some time to recap what I've achieved in 2011, what I haven't achieved, what was great, what was not so great. I think it is a good moment to go through the biggest moments in our personal life and think of whether we are on track of what we consider our life. Have I been more happy than unhappy? Have I been a helpful friend? Have I been more smiling than crying? Have I had more good thoughts than bad ones? I hope everyone of you will look back to a successful, healthy and happy 2011. And more than that, I wish you a very happy, joyous, healthy, successful and amazing new year - let 2012 come and celebrate life and never forget to live what we love and love what we live! See you next year my happy fellows! Love, Igor xoxo

Photography: Couple via Haley Sheffield; wreath via Kayli Tumblr; chair via Lokal 54.


  1. Indeed, here's to the year we've had and the happy one we will! I've enjoyed following your blog the last month or so. :-)

  2. A very happy and lovely 2012 to you, Igor. May it be filled with lots of joy and inspiration, love and happines, health and success. Have just an amazing year!
    I enjoy reading your blog so much and it makes me always a bit happier, when I drop by ... Thanks for that!
    See you in 2012, Mr. Happy :)

    Love. Lysann xx

  3. Happy NewYears to you Igor! All the way from Chicago!

  4. Happy new year Igor. Perhaps we will meet one day in 2012. Enjoy every moment x

  5. Sretna nova, sve najbolje i citamo se!!!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely wishes! To a happy mutual new year!!!

  7. Well said, Igor! So happy to have met you via blogland in 2011. I love surrounding myself with uplifting people and you're definitely one of them! Cheers to 2012! xo

  8. Happy New Year Igor! I wish you all the best in 2012. Maybe we'll get to meet this year too!

    Thank you for being such a positive spirit in blogland and sharing your great design finds.

    Warm Wishes
    Sophie x


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