Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

As some of you know, yesterday and today I am updating myself on furniture design and interior design trends at the international furniture fair imm in Cologne. I will update you very soon with my new discoveries and blogger meet-ups. In the meantime you can follow me along on Twitter and Instagram

To keep up with the Tuesday tradition of inspiring rooms, I am sharing another room with you that caught my eye. And here are three immediate reasons why I was drawn to this interior design:
  • Personal collection: Personal collections grouped into galleries are one of the best ways to add interest to a home and reveal a bit of the owner's character and passions.
  • Multiple home textiles: Play with home textiles! Multi-layer various colours, patterns and fabrics to structure and create haptic highlights.
  • Green plants: Greenery is excellent to breathe life and nature into a room. Choose the plant size adequately to your room's size and think of the right place considering natural light.
What caught your eye in this room?

Photography by Sean Fennessy for The Design Files


  1. The natural feel to it! The jute rug, the plants (as mentioned), the colors. I totally love the mix & match of the furniture.. spot on! x Christine

  2. I love the plants in a room and i agree for the personal collections!I like the room too!!
    kisses Igor have fun!

  3. Big fan of that sofa and the contrasting cushions, and I love the plants. I think a lot of people overlook how positive an impact plants can have to a room. I'm sure they make the air feel fresher.....

  4. What a pretty space, I also love this couch and the high ceiling! Kali sou mera Igor /maria

  5. oooh! Good one. What caught my eye first though was the shape of the archway and the door behind it :)

    Have fun at imm!!

    Xx. Holly

  6. Thank you all for your interesting comments! I am totally beat after the imm design fair in Cologne!

  7. I love the sofa with all this pillows. Very cool combination.

  8. Πολυ ωραιο το πράσινο κρεμαστό χάρτινο λουλούδι!


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