Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Happy Inspirations: Der Kleine Bazar

Today I would like to introduce a little German shop (in the little south German town of Augsburg) and webshop to you. 'Der Kleine Bazar', literally 'The Little Bazaar', offers charming home accessories, little furniture pieces, lighting and textiles from the Middle East and Northern Africa. The two shop owners, Johanna and Axel, pay attention to locally handcrafted items, a sustainable production and fair conditions. Hence, you're not only shopping beautiful home decor, but you shop with a good conscience, too. Here are my five happy picks from this charming little boutique:

I want them all. Period. And you?

Happy Wednesday!

Photography via Der Kleine Bazar


  1. Those blue dishes are exactly the sort of thing I'm always dreaming of for my kitchen!

  2. I would buy the leather pouf in the first place. I am going to check out if they have them in other colors, too! Thanks for posting this Igor, it is always good to know new online shops!

  3. Someday I will own one of this leather poufs. Very nice assortment.

  4. They sell these poufs here in London and somehow I still haven't bought one..

    What a charming little boutique. Thank you for the introduction!

  5. I love all these ethnic influences (especially the stools)! Must be a great shop.. x Christine

  6. Wie kann das nur passieren? Ich komme aus Augsburg und war noch nie in diesem Laden!!! Danke, lieber Igor, jetzt kann ich das ändern :)

    1. Hey Julia! Dann nichts wie da hin und bitte lass mich wissen, wie es war:-)

  7. The shop is great:) And one in germany:) Love it, thanks for introducing it:)

  8. Happy Wednesday to you dear Igor!

    Thanks for the shop intro. Will be checking them out.

    I'll take the pouf :)

    Xx. Holly.

  9. mmm.. I don't know what to choose!!Super cute shop!
    hugs my friend

  10. I especially like the blue tea glasses with ombre effect - simply beautiful!

  11. I want the tableware and the blue glasses ... okay, okay, the pouf too!
    Greedy much?

  12. Ich kenne bisher leider nur den Online Shop, doch diesen kann ich wärmstens empfehlen. Ich habe von dort bereits ein paar schöne Sachen und Jana Danko ist überaus nett und hilfsbereit! Ich freue mich schon heute auf einen Besuch in diesem tollen Laden. Happy day! Sandra

  13. This shop looks fantastic!
    Love those small white stools, amazing!
    Thanks for sharing that Igor =)


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