Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year / Bonne Année!

Hello my dear readers! I wish you all a very happy new year. To be honest: I've missed you. But some of you followed me along to Paris so you know that I've spent fabulous holidays in the 'City of Light' also referred to as my second home. 

Now 2013 has started in full power. Have you all made your resolutions? Have you all started the new year with plenty of expectations and plans? Well done if you have so. I have not. Not really. I sort of slid into the new year, quietly and comfy. With the people I love, in the city I love. I have not gazed at fireworks, I have not put down a list of resolutions, I have not set concrete goals to determine the coming year. You might think I was sluggish, but no, it's not that. I sort of didn't feel it. Probably that is my resolution between the unwritten lines. To take on the iffy journey of an ever evolving life. To 'unsteer' a bit and experience something I've missed through 2012 - spontaneity, the fun to let life guide you a bit instead of constantly planning, envisioning, regulating. And by living the life as it is, to regain a bit of balance. An inner balance that is the prerequisite for real happiness and an outer balance that will set off more time for the people I love and care. 

I want my life to be a bit like my last Paris trip: unscheduled, surprising, challenging, happy and full of love. Sounds like a good plan for 2013, no? On January first we've inaugurated the new year with a French tradition - by eating a 'galette des rois', a traditional pastry cake with a creamy frangipane filling. This cake is traditionally eaten on Epiphany but is also widely common on the first day of the year. And every 'galette des rois' has a little surprise in it: a so-called 'fève', a little porcelain figurine. Whoever gets the piece with the figurine is the king for the day and may wear the corona. I also interpret it as a lucky charm for the coming year. So this year I was the lucky one. Let's see what this year holds for me!

Here's to a new year, a new circle of life, a new chance to rejoice in the uncertainties and surprises of life!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Happy New Year Igor-I'm sure 2013 will be even more exciting and successful for you. Many congratulations on achieving so much and I've enjoyed following your Instagram Paris holiday! Happy, healthy 2013 Caroline :-)

    1. Thank you my dear Caroline! Hope to finally meet you this year! Happy new year to you too!

  2. Happy new year Igor! Hope your 2013 will be a great one. No new years resolutions for me this year, I am always super bummed when I can't keep up with them, which always happens after a month or so into the new year. Will only set some small goals nothing lofty...

  3. Now, that's more like it. I've noticed a mood of re-evaluation and 'trying to do things differently' in blogland over the past couple of days.

    My motto has always been to leap into the unknown, to be challenged, to enjoy the journey and process. The rest, i find, often just falls into place. Foremost, it's the here and now that's to be enjoyed and valued!

    I wish you all the best for 2013. No doubt, all roads will lead to Paris. Thank you for all your support over 2012 x

  4. Happy New Year! Not necessary to ask you how your Paris Trip was. ;) I saw you had a very good time.
    I have never made any resolutions for New Year. But this time I will set a few small ones. Just to see if I can stick to them. I think you don't need the new year to start something new. Your post was very refreshing after the resolutions-invasion you can read on nearly each blog. :)

    Wish you a great 2013!

  5. Happy New Year Igor!
    May 2013 bring you all you wish for. Surprises, travels and a lot of love and happiness.

  6. Happy New Year! and yes I second that a year of unscheduled time, surprises and challenges - along with adventures, colours and spontaneity! Happy 2013

    Anna at The Nostalgia Exchange

  7. I'm so on board with your new year philosophy (and I love the Paris photos included in this post!). This is my new year style exactly. What happens in a year is that we grow one year older and with more maturity, hopefully, we begin to realise that life is about living it!

    Here's to living more in 2013!

  8. Starting the year as "le roi de la journée" sounds promising! I hope 2013 will bring you lots of happiness & balance! Here's to a wonderful new year of blogging: tchin!

  9. Your photos are fabulous and your attitude even more fabulous. Sounds like Paris was perfect and sliding into the New Year with merely a nod is a refreshing change. May the New Year hold spontaneity, laughter, friendship, love and every success you wish for! xxx

  10. Happy New Year Igor! I also hope to embrace more spontaneity this year, and have enjoyed following along on your "happy paris" adventures! ;)

  11. Happy new year Igor :-) I definitely love your attitude and approach to 2013. I tend not to do resolutions as I never stick with them, but I often have aspirations and hopes. At the moment I'm trying to work them all out in my head and on paper. I think I need to give myself a bit more direction this year than I did in 2012.

    I'm glad the 'fève' was yours and enjoy the spontaneity & fun to come.

    Here with you in blogland and along the way... Gx

  12. Thank you all for your dear comments and nice wishes! I'm wishing us a fabulous and good 2013! Let's rock it, friends!

  13. Happy new year once again Igor =) Sou euxomai oti potheis! xoxo

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    happy new year

    LOVE Maria at

  15. Happy new year Igor!!!My warmest wishes!!!

  16. Cheers to 2013! May it be wonderful for all of us! I think your hopes for the year are very inspiring and I hope you they find you well :)

    My goals for this year are mainly focused around health (mainly food and exercise) but also with The Design Chef. I want to make it something this year :)

    Xx. Holly

  17. heureuse nouvelle année!



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