Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Your Next Party: Pantone Mood Food Set

One day I got home from a weekend abroad and I found a little package in front of my door. Being an diehard online shopper, I immediately tried to remember what I've ordered. When I opened the package I realized it was something else - it was a beautiful set of melamine food trays by Pantone that was sent to me from Room Copenhagen. The set consists of eleven trays in different sizes and is ideal for sushi, tapas, sweets and any other kind of tidbits. 

Pantone's 'Mood Food' set is said to be for colourful dining. An idea I really like! Colour is life. Live it. That's written on the packaging and I appreciate Pantone's outreach in all spheres of our lives to add colour and - as I would say - a bit of happiness to the mundane. Room Copenhagen was kind enough to send one set to my little happy home and I was very keen to immediately use it. The set is offered in various colours. I've picked a dark blue hue called 'Indian Teal' cause it's a great backdrop for colourful food. With this cool set I feel like I'm ready for the next party. Now I just need time to organise one.

I didn't have any sushi at hand, but I think the food trays are perfectly suitable to serve fruits and sweets as well. I've used some fresh plums and figs, traditional French 'Calissons à la violette' and organic gummi bears. Very classy, right? What do you think of the 'Mood Food Set' by Pantone? 

Photography by Igor Josifovic / This post was kindly sponsored by Room Copenhagen


  1. love them! so stylish and compact for storage at the same time. They remind me of the high gloss bento boxes I saw in Japan. I love how the little treats sit so elegantly in each of the boxes.

    Enjoy the set! Saw a combination of pale yellow and powder blue on Room Copenhagen's page. Need to figure out if they sell them in that color combination.

    1. In fact you can buy the trays separately in different colors. I might get some yellow and bright blue pieces too to create a visual breakfast set:-)

  2. Easy question: where I live we would have olives, peanuts, some "pinchos", cheese and ham! All rounded up with a nice red wine. Anyhow, that's a nice package you got there!! Count me in for the next party!:-)

  3. Oooh those are lovely! That deep teal is beautiful, sets off the gummy bears rather nicely too ;) xxx

  4. Great photos! I love the color combo of this small sweets, just pulled the color code. :)

  5. Great photos Igor and what sweet trays;-)

  6. Should I ever visit your home you may notice the trays have gone missing when I leave. Love them!

  7. love it !
    I got mine as well, and I liked to use it for a "tea for 2" break:

  8. Schön, wenn man so ein hübsches Päckchen vom Postboten in Empfang nehmen darf, nicht wahr?! ;-)
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende!
    GLG Bine

  9. Awesome pics and color choices! Well done!


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