Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

So how about this idea for the weekend: Packing a suitcase and traveling? Now don't tell me I am traveling all the time. It's just a basic trip to my family back in Austria, so nothing all too exciting. But taking into consideration that I haven't seen my family in two months, it is pretty exciting! Actually I should be at the book fair in Frankfurt today promoting our new interior design bloggers book 'Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben' but after my Canada & US trip I felt it's time to spend a weekend with my family instead. You can't help it, right? 

Speaking of the book that I contributed to: I will soon make a proper book review here on the blog and giveaway three copies to you my dear readers! Stay tuned. But for now, have a happy weekend!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Μου αρεσει που ο τοιχος της φωτογραφιας ειναι στους ιδιου τόνους με την μοκέτα!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Welcome back from your trip Igor! And enjoy your family :) Happy weekend Xx.

    ps. Great pic!

  3. Thanks Igor, have a great one too. And welcome back.


  4. It was great weekend for you I think :))) I 'm looking forward to your book :) greetings


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