Friday, August 17, 2012

Happily Ever After: Designer Ana Kras

Before I left for my family vacations to Serbia, I cheered you good bye with a picture of the 'Bonbon Lamps' by Serbian designer Ana Kras. Today, I want to use the opportunity to present this amazing (and beautiful) designer to you in more detail. 

Ana was born in Belgrade in 1984 and works on different personal and commissioned projects. Today, she lives and works as a designer, photographer and illustrator in Los Angeles. Ana creates pieces with a great deal of handwork. Probably a fact that reflects her Serbian roots. 

We all grew up with grandmothers and aunties that made pullovers, socks, cardigans by hand. We all had grandpas and uncles working with natural materials and creating pieces for the home. I sort of read this in her 'Bonbon' and 'Hive' lamps and the quirky, slightly retro 'Ksilofon' coatrack. Her colour codes speak of the abundance of nature and happiness - the Serbian countryside, summers on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro, lush farmers' markets in the cities. Her urban upbringing in Belgrade seems to be mirrored in the sleek, sophisticated designs such as the 'Moon Table', the 'Noodle' sidetables, or the 'Hug Chair'.

Probably I am making up a lot of these, but sometimes this makes design and art so appealing to me. It's about what it speaks to me. It's about the story behind. Sometimes it's a story based on facts and the designer's actual background. Sometimes it's our interpretation, our vision of design and the way we reflect it. It's always a story that makes a design complete. And from what I've seen, Ana Kras has a lot to tell. 

If you want to know more about her, read a great interview with Ana here.

Photography by Ana Kras


  1. I loved the pieces you showed in your last post.
    She's very talented and I would definitely buy a lamp and side table...great!

    Welcome back... look at you.. BlogTour and #Decorex 100 Finalist... Congratulation!! Not long now till we finally meet:)

  2. Stunning work-thanks so much for sharing Igor! Have a wonderful holiday and hopefully see you in London on your fabulous blog tour! :-)

  3. Die Lampen sehen toll aus!
    Viel Spass bei Deiner Familie!
    Alles liebe

  4. Igor, you are so right about the story behind the design, wether it be our interpretation or the designer's actual story, or even a combination of both. These stories are key ingredients to a 'happy' home. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Thank you for sharing! Your writing makes her design even nicer!


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