Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Hearty Finds

If you read my blog I take it as a natural that you love beautiful goodies for the home. So I guess you are one of my fellow sufferers when it comes to home accessories. Sometimes I walk through an interiors store and I literally feel my heart skip a beat when I encounter something hearty. Most of the times it is a challenge (to me a kind of Olympic discipline) to withstand the immediate urge to grab that little something and buy it. But as I grow older and wiser (with a supernatural effort to make the former less intrusive and the latter more distinctive) I sort of get a hold of this and manage to pull myself together. But sometimes...sometimes I am just a mess altogether and an unteachable home accessories shopper. These '5 Happy Inspirations' would most certainly bring that unteachable side of me to the foreground.

1. The Ay Illuminate pendant would be perfect in my bedroom. Seen on Vosgesparis

2. The Malin Figur bedsheets from Ikea plays with one of my favorite colour combinations.

3. The Mega Knit plaid by Hay from La Maison d'Anna G. features yet another favorite colour combo of mine.

4. Colourful trays with funky fonts - big like! By CADA Design as seen on designbotschaft.

5. This clothing rack from Strek Collective is super sleek and ideal for minimalistic interiors.

Happy hump day!


  1. You really speak my heart when it comes to shopping and weakness for home accessories! No wonder I love you so much?! :)

  2. Oh yes, I have the same feelings about the decoration I like your blog very much, and I give five hearts for this things ;)

  3. I so have the same issue Igor ... and that's why my condo and my storage locker are both filled to the MAX!

    Can't believe that lovely bedding is from IKEA and that plaid throw on the clothing rack, I want it!!

  4. Grehehehehehehehe: "unteachable home accessories shopper".


  5. Oh Igor. I can relate well to this :) My heart did skip a beat with the clothing rack!

  6. Love that bedding and the colour combinations! And like the trays too. Thanks Igor! x

  7. Igor! I'm back in full swing again and can't wait to catch up on all the good stuff I've missed over here;) I love that knitted blanket, and I agree with you on the colors. xo

    1. Welcome back Julie!! So nice to see you here again. Can't wait to read more on your blog these days!

  8. That is a coincidence .. using the same picture today ;) It probably is a sign that you HAVE to buy my lamp ;)

    Ask Ay Illuminate to sent you their digital catalogue so you can drool over all the choices!

  9. wow!!love the No4!! 50 HEARTS!!
    cool industrial touch!
    super post Igor kisses

  10. I fear that it might be love at first sight with those CADA Design trays! This post made me think of this song:

    LOL! :)


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