Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disney Happiness For The Home

Here in Munich, I enjoy a great advantage. I live downtown and there are many interior decoration and homeware stores just around the corner. One of them is Butlers, a German home & interior store, that has spread its wings to the UK and other countries recently. Truth be told, it keeps distracting me whenever I am on the way home after work - I always have to take a little tour just to grasp some inspiration from their lovely displays and table settings.  

When I heard that they are launching a new Disney collection for the home, I was all ears. The Disney characters have been the heroes of my childhood so I was imagining a renewed friendship on plates, mugs, totes. So here is just a little sneak peek of the upcoming collection that will be available from August 27 in stores and online, including kitchenware, home accessories and gift goods.

Moreover, Butlers is organising a great in-store event with a Disney illustrator in Germany, Austria and the UK. I will attend the Munich event and secure my own, bespoke Disney illustration. If you fancy one too, make sure to check it out in these cities: Cologne (August 28), Munich (August 30), Vienna (August 31), Berlin (September 3), Hamburg (September 5), London/Notting Hill Gate (September 6).

Make sure to come back here after the Munich event - I will be sharing some pics with you! Happy Tuesday!

Photography via Butlers


  1. Is your top from the Butlers' new collection? I love how faded and worn out it looks! The top plate with the mickey's ears sketched on looks lovely too! xx

    1. Hehe the T-Shirt is from H&M actually. I love the same plate and the matching mug. A bit of graphic style for breakfasts can't be wrong!

  2. I think I'm missing the Disney gene, I have never been much of a cartoon person, not even when I was little. But I do love it when I see others totally embrace it, people of all ages. That photo of you wearing that tee is priceless, haha.

    Have fun!

  3. Oh, great!!! I love the mugs, what an awesome addition to my present collection of black & white cups. Thank you! for showing this, otherwise I had missed the range...


  4. I LOVE Disney and many other cartoon figures. Actually, I bought a big sitting Pluto a few weeks ago:)

    Oh, not the hugest fan of Butlers (well at least in the UK) but fancy the idea of the Disney Illustrator. Hmmm, what to do?

    1. You should go to the London event, Tina! Would love to hear your feedback!!

  5. Hej es ist witzig
    ich mag es

  6. love the t shirt, use to have one just like it. :-)


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