Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Traveler's Colourful Loft

I think it is an open secret that I am an avid traveler. Traveling is essential for me. While traveling the world, I learn new things, I broaden my mind, I reflect a lot - and I collect. Inspiration and tidbits. Little things that will remind me of a certain moment in a certain location. 

Seeing this traveller's lofty home in Paris was like opening a book and reading in it. Noticing his passion to conquer the world. To chase colours on ancient routes. To sail the oceans with the wind. To wander hot savannas. And from each of his trips he's brought a tiny bit of inspiration back. The vibrant colours of the orient, the animal prints from Africa, the maritime art from seaside destinations and the textured, grey elements from the north. And all this has found a new home in a spectacular loft with a stunning view of Paris rooftops. Bliss.

Photography by Nicolas Millet via Côté Maison 


  1. It´s gorgeous, love all the colors! :-)

  2. Wait a minute, you like travelling? I never would have guessed ;-)

    That loft tells a wonderful story.

    1. Haha I knew some of you will have fun while reading my opener:-)) Guilty as charged!!

  3. Oh wow, so beautiful! I'd love to live there!



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