Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Afternoon With Sweet Paul Magazine

Hello folks! Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend! I certainly did. The good thing about long weekends is you finally get to do all the things that you've procrastinated during the past days and weeks. I had a pile of books and magazines to go through and enjoyed a warm and lazy afternoon on my sofa enjoying the spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. Since it's the US version I must say I was lucky enough to win one copy on Twitter and hence enjoyed a 140 pages of spring bliss. 

I am pretty sure that most of you know Sweet Paul Magazine and love it, too. I really like the idea of combining cooking, home decoration and amazing photography in one magazine. Plus I love the idea that a blog has become a print magazine. The power of blogs rocks! In the meantime, be prepared for the Summer issue that will be published this Friday and a German issue has hit the newsstands here, too. I just didn't get a copy yet but will do soon! Happy Tuesday friends! P.S. Excuse my poor photography but I just took quick snaps with my iPhone.

Photography by Igor Josifovic 


  1. Good morning, nice Post today ;-) I enjoy the German issue at the moment!

    1. Oh I need to get it too, Wibke. Guess it is great, too!

  2. hi,
    wow ! sweet article we can get more great thing....

  3. Hi Igor
    I agree that it is a beautiful magazine. I saw it at Anthropologie here in Toronto and couldn't believe that you could buy a print copy. I must admit I love seeing it in all the outstanding resolution of my imac screen. It is really so inspiring. Thanks for the heads up on the Summer Issue. I look forward to that. Have a great day!

  4. Love Sweet Paul and your tray with the triangles is fab!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Quick snaps are good ;) I think it is cool to become story tellers as well, oh and congrats to being a city blogger Coolness !!!

  6. Interesting mag
    great photos and layout!

  7. It was sold out at my mag-dealer.. I have to go to the central station!!
    An Afternoon with sweet paul and fluffy Nelken!! I like!!
    Liebste Grüsse.. 3 days to go!

  8. You lucky lucky guy!
    Sweet Paul is my favourite e-magazine. Period.

  9. I love this magazine :)


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