Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Don't Feel Blue...

After yesterday's flashy pink door I thought I'd dedicate today's '5 Happy Inspirations' to one of my favorite hues, blue. There is one absolutely important rule when it comes to blue: Don't feel blue, decorate with blue! Whether you like the Blues, Blue Velvet, blueberries, the blue Smurfs or blue fashion items - don't forget to add a tad of blue to your home, too. You can go from bold to delicate. 

Inspiration 1: Paint a blue feature wall like this one as seen on Design Sponge. Use a saturated blue like Farrow & Ball's 'Cook's Blue'.

Inspiration 2: Get yourself an eye-catching throw with a geometric pattern and blue accents. Like the Harlekin blanket from Fine Little Day.

Inspiration 3: Get handy and DIY a cool wooden chair. Then paint it, spray it, watercolour it, dip dye it - but keep it blue like this one as seen on Static2.

Inspiration 4: You are a blue pro? Then revamp your bathroom and enrobe it in blue vintage tiles like here as seen on Traditional Home.

Inspiration 5: For the indecisive - keep it small and flexible and add blue accents with a little stripey rug. Choose for example this one as seen on French Connection.

So, if you ever hear of a 'blue Wednesday' then you know where it comes from! Happy hump day!


  1. That DIY wooden chair takes my breath away! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Love the mood in that top photo, such a nice shot.

  3. Lovely inspiration Igor :)

    The throw is spot on + love it with all my heart already!
    Love the rug, too.

    xx, Iro

  4. Blue tends to be my top fave color this time of year! And what an amazing throw that is..

  5. Blue is a very important colour for us humans I think. It's the colour of the waters and the sky so it literally surrounds us. It's no wonder it is the most popular favourite colour then.

    I LOVE those bathroom tiles :)

    Happy Hump Day to you Xx.

  6. hmm maybe i should paint blue a wall in my home!


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