Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Anniversary Issue: Llamas' Valley

First of all: happy first anniversary, Llamas' Valley! Have you already seen the anniversary issue of this inspiring e-magazine? It is filled with beautiful interiors and home decoration recommendations, yummy recipes and some of my favorite stylists and bloggers are featured, too! How cool is that? I wanted to share some of my favorite tear sheets with you from Llamas' Valley. Anyway, today I will soak up the sunshine, enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and click through this beautifully done issue. Have a happy first May!

Photography via Llamas' Valley


  1. Yeay! A new issue! I've been looking forward to it. The last one was great! Now I just need an iPad to read it on ;)

    1. Well, I am too working on the iPad issue:-))

  2. Looks wonderful Igor, thanks for letting me know about it:)

  3. Haven't had a chance to look yet, but these glimpses are tempting me!!


  4. How is it that I haven't heard of this magazine? It looks great... I'm off to explore. (Love the ceramics).

  5. Beautiful! All of these pics are gorgeous. I'm off to check out more now. Thanks!

  6. I loved it too! My favourite inspiration was the pastel artworks all lined up along one wall - FAB! Hope you had a good May Day! :)


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