Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Smile!

Hump days need to be celebrated - with a happy bunch of '5 Happy Inspirations' that made me smile this week. Wanna share a smile? Here are five good reasons to smile:

One: Make your kitchen the dancefloor! With this funky tea towel by Howkapow.

Two: Handmade and hand painted in England, this tea pot in a mustard hue with a white bottom cheers up any tea drinker. Spotted at Sparrow & Co.

Three: Serve some happiness! For example on this super happy 'Forest Tray' by Howkapow.

Four: Are you a cineast? Do you love old movies and artsy illustrations? Then go for this cool '1950 Film Alphabet' poster by Stephen Wildish. No worries, more decades are on sale!

Five: How cute is this Austrian made 'Scoop it' cake in a glass jar? Available in various colours and tastes. Found here. Yum!

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. Love the tea towel and the cute cake mix!


    1. Good choice, Becky! Though any answer would have been appreciated as I love all of them:-)

  2. Best of them - number four >> cineast <<

    ... with a smile, by Heidrun

  3. Hi Igor! I'm not a big fan of words in my interior space but that dishtowel has to be my perfect exception. I don't really enjoy cooking much, but what I love to do best is dance! Of course close second is designing interiors, lol! It's going on my wish list.


  4. My Kitchen is for dancing!! Kreisch!! I love that!!! I hope this weekend is for dancing tooo!!
    looking forward to meet you!!!

  5. We need to import that "Scoop It" cake thingy to U.S. asap! Too darn cute!


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