Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interior Design Perfection

Ok, seriously, where have I been? How have I missed this photographer's amazing work so far? How haven't I seen his super stunning Stockholm apartment? I refer to the stylish home of Swedish photographer Jonas Ingerstedt. His home has been featured in Elle Deco UK (and other magazines I assume) and is oh so swoon worthy! 

The simplicity of the interior design and decoration, the plethora of design classics such as the Wegner charis, the Toio floor lamp by Achille Castiglioni, the Louis Poulsen pendant and so on. The colour palette is also a major factor here - lots of white, soft and vibrant colour pops, and wood, truly a Scandinavian symphony. Wouldn't you just feel perfectly at home in there? Well, I would. I so would.

Photography via Jonas Ingerstedt


  1. It is beautiful. You can just name check the designer pieces. I'll have the Wishbone chairs & Flos Toio light please :-)

    1. Knew you'd love the design classics, Mr. Grey! :-)

  2. The Hans Wegner wishbone chairs have long been top of my chair wishlist

  3. I love this design, beautiful and simple!

  4. OOH! Great stuff here Igor. I can't even choose a favourite. Thanks for sharing. Off to see the rest of his portfolio...


  5. Those Wishbone chairs are doing it for me. What a stylish chap!

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