Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Tour: Cute Details & Design Classics

I take it as given that you who read these lines love homes and interior designs. Thus, I guess you are a bit like me. When I visit friends or when I get invited for the first time to a new home, I can't help but let my eyes wander around and look at everything - from the bold elements to the cute, little details. And if I am asked whether I'd like a home tour, you already know my answer. 

Now as I am not so lucky as to be constantly invited to new, inspiring homes, I am a bit rude and invited myself into beautiful homes by visiting them through interior magazines. When I popped over at one of my beloved Danish interior magazines, Bolig Magasinet, I spotted this happy home. I love the little, personal details in combination with some all-time design classics such as the Eames rocking chair and 'Hang it All' rack, the Tom Dixon, Louis Poulsen and George Nelson pendants or the Wegner Wishbone chair. And at the end of this little home tour I told myself: I need a nice design classic to enhance my home. Do you have a design classic at home?

Photography by Martin Dyrløv via Bolig Magasinet


  1. Cute tour Igor. I think a lot of us can relate to your intrusion into spaces via magazines, lol! We are quite rude, aren't we? But it's all done in the love of design and interior spaces, so we shouldn't feel too bad :)

    No design classic in my home yet, well as far as big furniture goes. We have been moving around so much and have decided not to attach ourselves or invest in anything extravagant until we are a bit more permanent...should be sometime soon hopefully :) However, I do love using my LaPavoni espresso machine every morning and afternoon - it's the Europiccola version, original 1950 design, all shiny with wooden accents. It makes me happy everyday :)


    1. Hi Holly! I love your comment and that coffee machine - I am now in the mood for a good coffee:-) I have no particular design classic at home either mainly due to the same reason. When I moved into this apartment I just started my first job and bought the basic furnishing mainly from Ikea to kick off my own life in Munich. Though, once I move into a bigger apartment I will definitely invest in at least one nice design classic - the only problem is to decide in which one:-)

  2. All Denmark homes that I have seen in the various magazines or blogs are nice and special. They really have that speciall touch. I am the same Igor, when I visit a new home I cant wait that they invite me for a home tour :). That is why I love interior blogs and posts like this....cant get enough of it :).

  3. Lovely, comfortable, functional and relaxed home with few touches of vintage! Really like it! What is it so special in all these Scandinavian interiors ? :P

  4. Love this lovely Danish hometour.... Always inspiring to give me some ideas for my own place. I don't have design classics... but the Eames rocking chair is my wannahave... almost to have! Have a nice weekend and thanks for sharing this home tour!

  5. Thanks for the inspiring home! I think you managed to combine classical Scandinavian design with a more personal and cosy style. It looks really nice.

  6. hi,
    thanks for sharing this articles and informative blogs.....

  7. How can something be so lived in and personal, and still nail the minimalistic look so perfectly!? The living room feature wall is amazing.

    I'll definitely be stealing ideas for my rented flat, there's so much great inspiration here for putting your stamp on something which might otherwise appear impersonal or bland. Neutral walls, naked wood, and a standout aesthetic. Can you tell I love it?


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