Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Here's a quick & happy post to celebrate my favorite day in the week - Saturday! It's the day when I boost with energy: I want to get up early and prepare a good breakfast, I want to stroll down the market and buy fresh blooms, veggies and fruits, I want to do some shopping, cook something nice, meet friends for a coffee and - if there is any time left in this fantasy - do something new in my home. How about this happy idea: painting a piece of furniture at home? I love the idea of painting some shelves or a pair of cabinet doors. Do you like some little weekend DIY in your home? Tell me all about it!

Photography by Sanna Lindberg


  1. hui.... what an idea... I would love to... but no time on this weekend... But I'll have to!
    Where to start? Perhaps the 3 meters bookshelf?
    My dear! Have a great weekend! Hope to see you soon again!

  2. I like your idea!!!Happy weekend friend!

  3. Looks great, especially the combination of the 2 colours - thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice tuning you have did. I just did a sofa makeover, you can see my DIY at Reelinki blogger

  5. I agree with you. Saturday is the best! See you at the market!

  6. I painted the wall around my Book shelfs, does that count :) Great thing to bring some color into your place!

  7. I have some chairs I picked up during hard rubbish collection which are just waiting for a paint of coat. Just have to decide what colour!

  8. How did you know about my plans for the weekend ;)
    Painted an old wooden storage box and I really love it's new bright, chalky white coat. Looks amazing ...
    Have a great week, Igor!

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