Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Guest: My Paradissi

Hello Happy Interior Blog readers!

I'm Eleni from My Paradissi and I'm delighted to keep you company here for a while as Mr. Igor is having some great time on his vacation. How about some bright, warm and cozy interiors to fight the mid-autumn blues? Follow me...

First I'd get myself some fluffy, super soft pillows and throws to hug, then let my artsy instincts run wild and fill a wall with pieces of inspiration and art. I'd be oh, so lucky to have a marble countertop island in my spacious kitchen, which I'd decorate with aged lanterns I'd find from the flea market. And, last but not least, I'd host a kick-the-moodiness-away dinner party with my stripy runners and my handmade crocheted vases. Feel better already ;)

Come over at My Paradissi and say hi! I'd love to meet you. You can also find me in facebook and twitter.

Thank you Igor for having me around! xoxo


  1. Nice post Eleni. Some welcoming spaces and love the marble top.

  2. I love this post. Everything in those interiors looks so warmly and elegantly scandinavian.

  3. Hello Eleni. What a friendly post and another Mr. Igor fan.
    Love that first pic:)

  4. Hello Eleni!!!!How sweet write for Igor!:)

  5. Thanks guys for the sweet words! Igor's blog is such an inspiring place to be =)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures. Your kick-the-moodiness-away ideas sound perfect! Your blog, My Paradissi, is also wonderful.


  7. I love every picture it's so beautiful! Nice post Igor. Keep up the good work ;^)

    Kind Regards, Davy.

  8. this is lovely, sometimes white can look and feel a little cold, but this is really softened with all the textures and hints of colour. Fab.

  9. that kitchen with marble top...gorgeous!
    i love your blog also

  10. Really beautiful space you've selected, Eleni. I'd live there in a heartbeat. The vintage lanterns just got me.
    Will visit your site for sure.

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