Friday, October 19, 2012

BlogTour Sponsor: Amtico

I can imagine some of you asking when I will finally call it quits with my London adventures. Well, I promise, soon it'll be over and coming week I will take you to a very sunny island to balance the content a bit. However, I want to share one more great BlogTour sponsor with you: Amtico

Amtico is a flooring design and manufacturing company know for high quality vinyl flooring products. Now someone like me who lives in an apartment with wooden parquet and who is in love with wooden flooring, it was more than interesting to follow our sponsor's invitation to their booth at this year's 100% Design show and see if they can convince me with vinyl flooring.

I was enthralled by their designer's passion for flooring and all the thought and creativity that goes into their products. And they caught me with surprising, colourful highlights in their new Signature Collection. Moreover, I was interviewed by a TV crew at their stand and after some pondering I've decided to share the little video here so you can see me in action and blabbering my way through the interview! Hope you like it though! Happy Friday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. I have loved their product for years, so happy to see this!

  2. WOW!!!!I love the video!!xoxo!Igor you speak too fast!!xaxa!Congrats!
    Their floor design ideas are just fantastic!
    Happy weekend friend!:)

  3. Lieber Igor,
    auch Männer sind willkommen :-))))!
    Das Video ist übrigens toll! Gratuliere Dir dazu!
    Alles liebe nach München,

  4. Love your appearance in this cool video Igor!! What a star!! x

  5. This little movie makes me smile ;)

  6. Wonderful video Igor! You are so talented! Have a lovely weekend :-) Caroline x

  7. Thank you all so much, you are too kind to me:-)

  8. Oh, now I miss you even more:))

  9. LOVE getting to hear you speak! You're a natural on camera :)

    1. Haha and it was absolutely unrehearsed!! Well, in Paris I will try to blabber in French and English, Frenglish:-))


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