Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

I am a big fan of the String shelving system. So far I have always seen it in living rooms or home offices. But never in a kitchen - until I've spotted the above shown picture. A String shelving system for the kitchen? I'd say oh yes! Well, I could definitely live with this kitchen concept (I keep repeating: If I had a decent kitchen), but for the time being I can just indulge in this photography and here's what caught my eye:
  • String Shelving: Well of course the most obvious first - the incredibly cool and stylish String shelving. I really love it cause it's a sort of design understatement. It is simple, unostentatious, sleek and rather sophisticated. Definitely a cool choice - even for the kitchen!
  • Industrial Pendant: This low-hanging, black glossy industrial pendant is a perfect match for the shelving system made of wood and white metal strings. It adds a certain urban vibe to the setting.
  • Bistro Chairs: These seem just perfect here - they catch up the pendant's black colour and seem to counteract the rather modern shelving system by recalling the timelessness of old Parisian bistros and brasseries - a visual delight!
What caught your eye? What's your opinion on the String shelving?

Photography via String


  1. I love the industrial pendant in comination with the bistro chairs!

  2. Oh my - always had a huge crush on the original bistro chair from Thonet. Simple perfection!

  3. the string shelving itself is just great! and in combination with the black/white/grey and industrial style - wow, wow, wow! love that!

  4. Μου αρεσουν τα ράφια
    που θυμίζουν
    κάτι απο βιβλιοθήκη!

  5. and for me it is too much because of this string shelves ....I like more simple way ....just shelves ....but lamp and chairs are most wanted...greetings

  6. Waugh I totally agree with you on that, I also think the lack of color and the consistend use of mostly black, white and natural makes it a kitchen I love to look at ... By the way Congratulations with the top German bloggers Nomination!

  7. I love the String shelving. Not only this design but the others as well. Love to sell them in our shop.


  8. the low hanging lamp is lovely but it looks like that would get REALLY hot


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