Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Do you believe that good deeds will pay into your karma? Hm, perhaps. But in one thing I strongly believe: that good deeds are good. For you, for me, for us. Even the small deeds. Like this one: A few weeks ago I found a dilapidated offshoot of a monstera plant in the office garbage and saved it from the dump. I placed the poor thing in a vase full of water and after a few weeks new roots had sprung. I took it back home and potted it - now the monstera is part of my growing collection of plants in my home. A new plant that makes my home a happy and healthy place and my karma balance a tad more positive. Probably. Happy weekend my friends!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. you are right ...probably the best things you make in your life will come to you and the same is with the bad ones ....I will have the great day today !!!my 20th anniversary of marriage .... look at my post please ...there is MY love to flowers !!!!

  2. that reminds me.., I should go water my plants! :-)
    Thank you.

  3. Great save! I've always wondered what those plants were called. Also curious about the 'lune' piece hidden behind it. Is it a photo on wood?

    1. It's a framed screen print - you can find it here:

  4. THANKS A LOT !!!!!I"m happy that you like my work !!!!!! colous one and only seemed to me for this kind of occasion !!!! I wish you very good day !!!!!

  5. Well done Igor, and this plant looks lovely now! maria x

  6. The idea is really cool man!!!! Liked it very much..Keep it up :)


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