Friday, July 26, 2013

Happily Ever After: Photographer Sivan Askayo

A few days ago I chatted with Sivan Askayo on Twitter and Facebook. We talked about the colour grey and its use in interior design, its excellent feature as a backdrop for other colours, and eventually I told Sivan that I am planning on painting a few feature walls in two grey hues in my home. That is when Sivan told me about her 'happily designed' bedroom with a grey wall and sent me a few snapshots. Yesterday I got my walls painted (what a chaos in my small apartment) and I thought it's a good starting point to share Sivan's pictures here before I prepare my own home story.

Sivan Askayo is an Israeli travel photographer and writer currently based in New York City but soon to  head off to Tel Aviv. I admire her work and loved seeing her collaborate with Sister Magazine. Actually, when I went through her portfolio on her website I wondered what it must be like to be a travel photographer and writer - I mean imagine, your job would be to travel the world, discover the beauties around the globe and report them in words and pictures? I wonder: Is it too late to become a travel photographer?

Happy Friday, friends!

Photography by Sivan Askayo


  1. You're right, Sivan has got an enviable job profile. I love the retro prints of NYC on her wall and the purple sheets. What are you planning on putting up?

  2. Grey is an excellent feature as a backdrop for other colours... but it's also a wonderful colour on its own. It works in the foreground & the background and that's why I love it so much :-)

    And it's never too late to do anything in life... you would make a wonderful travel photographer!

  3. ...und jedes Mal denk ich mir: Los, Julia, mehr Mut zur Farbe. So fröhlich und frisch. Passt sehr gut zum aktuellen Wetter hier bei uns im Süden. :)
    Happy weekend, lieber Igor.

    Liebste Grüße,

    1. Mut zu Farbe - absolut ja! Happy weekend!

  4. It's never too late to become whatever you want!

    Thanks for the introduction to her work. I like that shot taken from above. There is something about the old tiles that draws me in, and interesting that both the men have are wearing the same colour palette!

    Have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  5. Definitely not too late Igor. If the kids had flown the nest, we'd be off like a shot-you only live once and what better way to live than see the world! (mind you , you don't do too badly on that front anyway!) Happy weekend :-)

  6. Looking forward seeing how your apartment turned out! Love the last two pictures of this post and enjoy your weekend, I hear it is very warm there at the moment! /maria

  7. You could so be a travel photographer !!! ... you could so be anything you want, anytime you want ;)

    Sivan's bedroom is quite vibrant, and her pics are awesome!


  8. Love the colours and shapes of those photos!

  9. WOW! A color explosion. I love it! xo, Elba


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