Friday, July 5, 2013

I Need Your Help: My Pinterest Bedroom Board

Today I am going to ask you for a bit of support: I need your likes! But let me tell you the story from the beginning: Last weekend I was invited by the Dutch bed manufacturer Auping to join a little blogger event in Hamburg, Germany. A very, very early Saturday morning I took off by plane from Munich to Hamburg and spent a fun day with fellow bloggers in the Auping Plaza flagship store. But I will tell you next week more about my visit and I brought some fun videos back to share with you:-)

Now to the Pinterest part of the story: We were also invited as guest pinners to share our bedroom inspirations on our own little Auping board. The blogger who gets most overall likes on his pins will win a little contest - that is, we will get beautiful bedlinen by Auping to giveaway to YOU, my readers and (hopefully) supporters. So please help me rock this contest by liking any of my pins on my Pinterest board HERE (the board will grow over the next days). You can just like on pic or more than one, whatever you choose. I am definitely thankful for each and everyone of you! 

Big hugs and thank you, my friends!!


  1. that's an easy job for us - your readers. :)
    there are really good pics on your board. currently we try to redecorate our bedroom. so i have found some good inspiration on your board. thanks for that!
    have a good weekend and good luck for the competition!
    frau s.

  2. Και φυσικα θα σε υποστηρίξουμε :)
    Φιλιά Igor!

  3. Lieber Igor,
    das ist leicht, bei so vielen schönen Bildern. Wünsche Dir "good luck".
    Liebe Grüße Anja

  4. As told previously, yes, it's an easy job for us ! Wasn't too hard to click like on most of your images as there's great inspiration in these. Bonne chance ! :)

  5. I have just been on a like-mission for you. Your board is very inspiring. Maybe I will work on the bedroom after the nursery!

  6. No probem - telling from the images up there it's going to be a very "likeable" board. Go Igor - get those bedlinen for us!

  7. fatto :-) have a great week-end ♡

  8. Thank you all - seriously, I have the best blog readers ever!!! Big hugs to all of you!!!

  9. I just followed the board and I will be happy to click the like button, but first it's pizza time!

    Have a wonderful weekend ; - )

  10. Just liked ALL the pictures hihi, I just love Auping bedlinen!!! Happy weekend!

  11. Just adore your blog! I love so many of the bedrooms and "liked" them. Good Luck with the contest.
    Ciao Bella!

  12. LIKED them very much my friend , hope you win ;-) Happy weekend,


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