Friday, July 12, 2013

If I Was A Rich Boy (Na, Na, Na…): Art Lust!

I really, really love nice things to hang on the walls or lean on them. It is a little crush of mine. Actually, I am currently working on a gallery wall but that takes time - it must grow almost organically:-) 

Most of the time I buy pretty affordable art prints and illustrations. A few years ago I invested a bit more money in an original art piece of the Berlin based illustrator Olaf Hajek and it is my sort of luxury treat if you want so. 

A friend of mine told me about a site called a few days ago. I had to glance at it of course - first because I love art and second because it's a Munich based online art gallery for contemporary art. So I clicked and clicked and well, I ended up with four favorite art pieces. Instantly I had the fiddler's tune in my head 'If I was a rich boy na na na…' - because if I were, I'd be spending money like right now. Of course I'd be living in a spacious lofty apartment where I could hang this fab art and dwell in my own little gallery. You see, it's a dreamy Friday today. But every now and then one must invest in good art, right?

Happy Friday, friends!

Photography: Gallery wall via Line Klein, art via


  1. I was just going to say..... first we need wall space and a fantastic loft:-) LOL

    I have no wall space and little floor/shelf space for framed art so struggle with this. In my dreams I would also have a gallery....

    Nice selection. I love your Olaf print... am maybe jealous:-))

    Now, the interesting point here is that the song goes: if I was a rich man ( you chose boy LOL)

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Agree with you, Tina! And as for the title: I know, I just had to make it a bit crazier, a bit more me (wishing I still was a boy LOL).

  2. Yes-grow it organically-totally agree Igor. I'm trying to do the same thing. I adore this first picture-actually Toni @skandivis is the only person in the UK to sell those wonderful alphabet prints-I'm going to take a few shots for her in my garden shed! ;-) Have a lovely weekend :-)

  3. totally agree. If I were rich I would also buy some great art pieces. Finding art that really resonates with me and fits like a glove...hard! Last week I finally found something (I put it on my facebookpage) and I emailed the artist earlier today to enquire about the price. But in my gut I already know that it'll be expensive. But a girl can always hope right?
    I like your picks especially the one with the glistening sea. Just because turquoise and beaches are my favourites too.

  4. love your inspirational shot and that list piece has my vote! I am off to do some art browsing :)


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