Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Happy Inspirations: Nordic Vibe For Your Home

With the hot July days and nights here in Munich, I have started to dream of cool breezes, chilly eves, the shimmering blue hues of the North. I know, summer is perfect and wonderful, it would just be perfect-er if I were on the shores of the sea or somewhere else. But not working in the city. In a hot rooftop apartment. That's why I am daydreaming of a nordic vibe for my home.

I am thinking of a refreshing palette of dusky blues, soft greys, whites and natural materials. Well, it's easier to depict my ideas than to describe it with words so I've curated five inspirations for a nordic vibe in your home. I couldn't pick one single thing, as greedy as I am, I'd take all of them! Do you have a favorite?

Oh, and happy hump day!

1. Bloomingville String light via Tujuh; 2. Bloomingville bench via Car Möbel; 3. Vases by Broste Copenhagen; 4. Blue cushion by Broste Copenhagen; 5. Ish blanket via Tomorrow Licious.


  1. Oh these warm nights, ugh, it's so hard to fall asleep... if I had to choose, i would take this beautiful bench... or the vases :)

  2. Your room design is clearly on your mind as I see some fabulous blues here!

    I would take the string light in a heartbeat :)

    Happy Hump day Xx.

  3. Tell me about hot nights in an appartment without any air! I love you Nordic pick. I almost bought those vases a while ago, but in the end I had to say no to myself. No more vases! ;)

  4. Nice inspiration! THANKS... love all of it.

  5. Oh wie schön!! I'm in a nordic mood... Hugs from your northern german girl

  6. Ooh I love the string light, the vases AND the bench! Couldn't pick a favourite.

    Lovely colour palette, the blue/grey/wood combination is sophisticated and calming.


  7. Oh I'm greedy as you too, couldn't decide what to take. I think if I would have to decide I would go with the bench and the blanket.

  8. Hey Igor - love your picks - the blanket is absolutely gorgeous - want one - and the string light too. Happy day to you, much love,

  9. Το τραπέζι και η λάμπα παρα πολυ ωραία!

  10. Love this blue/grey pastel colour pallet!


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