Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sophisticated Design: Matthias Ferwagner

Last week I talked about German design here and many of you responded very positively to it. Thus, I thought it was a good idea to highlight yet another young and aspiring German design talent: Matthias Ferwagner. Not only was he born in the city of Happy Interior Blog, in Munich, but he is also a master of sophisticated design. His ideas expel an airy lightness, a playful twist and a refined attention to little details. All this can be seen in his latest two designs: The side table 'Minimato' and the coffee tables 'Paul & Paula'.

'Minimato' is a sophisticated idea that reminds me of the simplicity and functionality of Japanese design. It consists of five wooden sticks and one tabletop. Stick them together and you have a super sleek and stylish sidetable. It is my absolute favorite and I would definitely go for one of these in my living room. 'Paul & Paula' is a smart coffee table set that strikes with reversible tabletops in black and grey and a cool red tightrope construction. Alone or together, these tables are ideal to become statement pieces in any modern home.

What do you think of these German designs?

Photography and Copyright by Nils Holger Moormann GmbH and Jäger & Jäger


  1. minimalistisch schön!!!
    freue mich seeeehr über dich als neuen leser ;-)
    herzliche grüße & wünsche an dich

  2. There is a lot of nice german design for sure!
    Some of my favorites are Siebensachen and Raumgestalt:)
    The Minimato table is so cool!

  3. Love these tables! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Happiness all around!

  4. like it..


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