Friday, June 22, 2012

Happily Ever After: Singulares Magazine

What I love about Twitter is that it literally opens the doors to the world with a mere 140 characters. Through Twitter I've met some of the most inspiring people and just yesterday I tweeted with Justina Blakeney about the funny fact that after a while we kinda know the style and taste of other bloggers. But I digress. It is through Twitter that I got aware of yet another super cool e-magazine. Actually, the first Spanish interiors e-zine ever, Singulares Magazine.

Now I would like to inspire you to spend some Friday with this beautiful e-mag and get a notion of what is perceived as trendy and cool in Spain. Plus you will see some great interior shops in Barcelona, just in case you plan to visit the bustling Catalan capital.

No matter if you understand Spanish or not: I assume you all are very visual people just like me, aesthetes who read through images as well as through words. So if this is the case, then you'll have some good time with this Spanish e-zine. In this sense: ¡Friday, olé!

Photography via Singulares Magazine


  1. What a great magazine. I totally agree that being able to speak Spanish is not required. Who needs to read when the beautiful pictures say it all! Happy weekend!

  2. Igor, thank you for this beautiful post. Glad you liked our magazine. A big hug. Have a happy weekend.

    Fran (Etxekodeco & Singulares Magazine)

    1. I see the Spanish community is connected and has a great taste! Love the magazine, discovered many new & nice Spanish designs!

  3. thanks Igor for mention our work!

    Hugs from spain.

  4. Great discovery Igor! I agree, language doesn't matter with beautiful images. Going to take a look right now. Happy weekend" :-)

  5. You find the best stuff Igor! I love eMags so thanks for sharing with us :)

    Happy Weekend in Paris Xx.

  6. Spectacular! There's another reason to LOVE Spain... one of my favorite places.

  7. Yet another wonderful e-magazine?!! I'm so heading over like NOW to check it out.
    Thank you for sharing it on your blog and have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  8. Oh fantastic, thanks for sharing! We don't get any Spanish magazines here in SA so it will be great to be able to read one online at least! Off to check it out asap :)

  9. I love this magazine and am heading to Barcelona in July, so I'll definitely be checking out the shops!


  10. It is remarkable how quickly we get to know people (and their style) via it!

  11. Very cool. I will be sifting through tha e-zine when I get home tonight and, since French is my mother language......I should be able to understand the text a little. Have a good weekend.

  12. How cool is that? Wonderful find Mr Igor!!!

    So full of colour and inspiration and I will apply my knowledge of Italian and French to decipher what they're saying:)


  13. Thanks for sharing Igor. Good to know. And isn't it great how we kinda get to know the style and taste of other bloggers. Yours, having said that, is possibly the most eclectic of all.

    I hope Paris was wonderful! x


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