Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: For A Leisurely Wednesday

Wednesdays or as I like to say hump days are  the moment when we catch a first glimpse of the upcoming weekend. So there is nothing better than to pause for a moment and enjoy a leisurely Wednesday. To bring that laid-back feel into your home, I've picked '5 Happy Inspirations' for you. So let's kick it off and sip a cocktail in anticipation of the upcoming weekend!

1. Artwork 'Flower Girl' by Kate Pugsley via Thumbtack Press

2. Ceramic Dip Cups via Folklore

3. Handprinted fabric via Dawanda

4. Linen Day Blanket via Folklore

5. Arcadia Platter via Mary Jurek Design Inc


  1. oh, i love your 5 Inspirations for the upcoming weekend...and by the way the fabric maker in number 3 are one of my their illustrations so much...good choice...and thanks for coming over to us...always fine with you here...have a great creative rest of the week...a big hug...cheers an dhugs...i...

  2. Ok so now you have me looking forward to the weekend,love your inspirations!

  3. Tolle Sachen sind das!
    Ich bin übrigens nächste Woche in München und teste gleich mal Deine Schöner-Wohnen-Tipps :-))!
    Ich fand Brüssel auch ganz überraschend toll! Zuerst wollte ich da gar nicht so dringend hin!
    Aber jetzt bin ich froh, dass wir es gemacht haben :-)!
    Ja, die Waffeln und Macarons fand ich auch super lecker!
    Alles liebe

  4. Gorgeous linen blankets for a Wednesday Igor ! :-)


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