Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Eye-Catcher

Sometimes it just takes a little to catch my eye - a beautiful hue, a quirky design idea, refined materials. And this week is not different from the other weeks - I am constantly smitten by the beauty of those little things around the world wide web. And these '5 Happy Inspirations' caught my eye this week:

One: The handmade and happily coloured square colour chip boxes by Leif are on my wish list.

Two: The delicate and sumptuous watercolour paintings by American artist Malissa Ryder make for a great art piece on any wall.

Three: This apothecary like scented Apolis candle is absolutely my kind of thing. Want!

Four: If you have a soft sport for nautical goodies just like me, you'll love this turquoise driftwood frame by Butlers.

Five: The soothing composition of natural materials, soft colours and gentle fragrances are a winning combination. These precious scented sachets are made by Paris based Mi-Septembre

Anything you like in particular? Happy hump day, friends!


  1. ooh those boxes- so simple but striking with that pop of color!

  2. Love the Leif boxes! And sooo many uses I can think of them!! xoxo

  3. Thank you for your comments!! I see the boxes are a highlight:-)

  4. Candles and candle light always make me happy! But the boxes are pretty neat as well. Great colors!

  5. I love all those bright colors in number one!

  6. I allso love those boxes, but I would love to put those scented sachets in my wardrobe too.

  7. Such a color fest! Number one is my favorite, great tones!


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