Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

When I used to live and study in Greece, I grew accustomed to a local tradition and daily habit – playing backgammon. It was a fun and relaxing way to socialize with friends over an ouzo in a local tavern, to spend evenings with flatmates in ‚poorly decorated’ student apartments or to enrich a  long day at the beach. I even got myself a beautifully made backgammon set as a little souvenir of those happy times. Ever since it is collecting dust in a forsaken corner. When have I forgotten to break the daily routine with an hour or two of fun gaming? When did this fast paced life make me rush from one to-do to another?

Well, this week a great reminder terminated my neglect of gaming. Minimodern’s new Backgammon collection. Inspired by the graphic geometry of chevrons and discs, this collection adds interest to any room. It’s up to you to decide whether you go bold with the wallpaper or accentuate with a cushion or a mug. Either way, it is a great reminder to go back to some past habits and memories and spend some time with a fun game. Especially on a weekend. A happy one. 

Photography via Minimoderns


  1. Yes!This is our local habit and you described it perfectly...Such a nostalgic post today Igor...

  2. Thank you Gertrude:-) I do miss those times a bit!

  3. I like that you always tell us a good story Igor :) I love geometric patterns like this - maybe an accent would work for me. Plus, the colours are perfect - white, grey, orange - yummy for my eyes! Btw, the link to Minimodern doesn't work for me for some reason...


    1. Thank you, Holly! I double checked the link and it works here. Probably it was a temporary problem.

    2. Strange, because when I click the links I get directed here:

      probably a problem on my end ... very mysterious... :)

    3. Totally weird!!! Try this one:

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