Thursday, April 5, 2012

Show Me Your Cushion...

...and I'll tell you who you are. Well, it is a funny assumption to reveal the personality of a person according to her or his cushion picks. 

Do you love unpretentious cushions in natural hues? Or do you fall for chunky, textured pieces? Bold patterned? Handwoven? Ethnic? Graphic? Colourful and playful? The selection is abounding and the choice can be rather tough. Luckily, cushions are the little pieces that are ideal for a seasonal or personal decoration change - after all you won't through out your sofa due to a deco maniac attack, right? With cushions you can add pop of colour to monochrome interiors, textures to sleek furniture or patterns to single-hued rooms. So who are you? A worldly explorer? A fiesta fan? A flower child or a daydreamer? Tell me, I am your 'cushion whisperer':-) 

Photography: Coffee sack pillow via Etsy; feather cushion via Story North; botanical cushion via H&M Home; Spear cushion by Ferm Living; map cushion via Etsy; kilim cushion via Etsy; madur grass cushion via Toast; Splash cushion via Fine Little Day; Trio cushion via Future & Found; Stairs cushion via Louise Roe.     


  1. A great selection, including some of my faves ( the map and coffee one). However, the best match to my personality would be a cushion hand dyed and hand made by Liane Tyrel from Enhabiten on etsy. I love her work.

    1. Oh thanks for the tip!! I will have a look into it!

  2. I can't say I have a love affair with cushions. I don't think about them too much. Same thing with curtains/window treatments. So the simpler, the better, for me. Although recently, a special friend of mine gave me two pillow cases (one half black and white, and the other half green and white) and I was amazed at how these two little pieces of fabric helped me love my (temporary) living room more. They changed the feel of the room in an instant. So cushions are really good like that. I think with cushions I prefer simple graphics and would gravitate towards texture over pattern - but it all depends on what the space in question needs :)

    Thanks for making me think about cushions today Igor! Very fun selection :)


  3. I'm pretty sure I'm a day dreamer or a sun worshiper... i guess that makes sense since I'm a leo, haha! what a fun post!

  4. My throw pillows and cushions are softly hued at the moment but spring will bring out the patterned and brightly colored covers to change up the look..I'd love to add some ethic designs to the mix. cute post!

  5. Ah, flower child amongst others on your list is very me.

    I love a nice cushion and have many varied ones in my abode.

    My favourite are vintage scarf ones with a textured background. In fact, I have just bought one but am getting the lovely maker to find me a textured pattern for the back of it... have a look it's the first one (Oscar de la Renta)

  6. Moi?
    Tribes men and sun worshiper! All the way :)


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