Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

This weekend I am off again. Packed my suitcase, took the train, headed off to Austria. To meet my family and friends. To play with my nieces and nephews. To catch up with my mum. To share my happiness. As much as I love my quiet moments (which are few), when I can cocoon in my world and be all by myself with a good book, a movie, a cup of tea or coffee, sharing my thoughts and emotions with others is crucial. And I am thankful to all the people who surround me, who love me, who support me. Cause after all - happiness is only real when shared. Right? Will you share your happiness this weekend? Have a happy one!

Photography via Feedfloyd


  1. This is so true, Igor! Have a great time with your family! xo

  2. volim ovaj film. podsjeti te, da brez civilizacije osoba sama ne može preživjeti.

    pozdrav iz slovenije

  3. I love hearing about all your travels Igor. I hope you are having a great time!
    This weekend I am also sharing my happiness. Having shared my happiness all week with the many friends and family that were staying with us for the wedding, I now have the opportunity to share it with one very special person. Now that all our guests have departed my new husband and I are finally alone. We are going out for a meal this evening to celebrate being newly weds! I think a glass of champagne may be in order! Stacey x

  4. Das hast Du sooo schön ge- und beschrieben!
    Schönes Wochenende!!!
    LG, Bine

  5. Thank you all! I love to share my happiness with you!

  6. Have a lovely time with the fam, Igor! xo


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