Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: From Sweden - Part 2

As promised last Wednesday, today's '5 Happy Inspirations' are the second part of my little loot from my trip to Stockholm. Yesterday's black and white inspired 'Craving' post has come as a sort of intro to these goodies. I was drawn to the sleek look of monochrome Scandinavian ceramics in particular. Thus, I couldn't resist but expand my little collection of nice tableware. Two weeks ago I blogged about them, now they are mine - the cool Bono bowls by the Design House Stockholm. Moreover, this hand-painted, striped café au lait cup and the cute little egg cups made their way from the Bruka Design store right into my shopping bag. The simple and classic cotton napkins with navy stripes as well as the hand-made bowls caught my eye in the homewares section at PUB department store and traveled back to Munich with me. Well, now I only have to move into a bigger apartment to fit in all my little goodies! Happy hump day, friends!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Look at all that fabulous stuff you brought home with you! You should definitely visit Sweden more often ;-)

  2. If I was let loose in the PUB department store I think I'd come out a bankrupt man! ;)

    1. A financial death trap, I tell ya! LOL

  3. When I see your loot I want to go to Sweden as well. Too bad it's so far away...Love the bowls with the stripes.

  4. So happy for you that you realized some of your wish list. I LOVE the striped latte cup - so lovely :)

  5. Great stuff you found! Loving your black and white obsession.... wondering how long it will last ;) One trip to Marrakesh might change your mind.. I guess that is the great thing of travelling ;)

  6. Well...I would like to have all this:))

    Great stuff, I love black&white!

    Regards from Slovenia!


  7. Loving the impact of black and white, and the patterns inside are beautiful! Sounds like a fun shopping trip!


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