Thursday, August 28, 2014

Home Textiles From Finland By 'Saana ja Olli'

It's like two years ago that I discovered the Finnish design duo 'Saana ja Olli' for the first time. It was more or less love at first sight and I purchased one of their cushions immediately that I dearly love ever since (you can see the blue cushion HERE). Now they've launched new products, for their label and in collaborations with other brands. Among them a wonderful carpet, beautiful cushions and blankets.

What I love about 'Saana ja Olli' is their dedication to local craftsmanship, their focus on 100 % natural materials and their inspiration drawn from nature and Finnish tradition. Most of their designs have roots in the Finnish tradition yet seem to be timeless in their appeal. The new 'Koko iäksi' carpet looks even very contemporary if you ask me. A fantastic piece of design! And the collaboration with Novita resulted in a wonderful set of blanket and cushion - perfect for the coming winter!

If you don't know 'Saana ja Olli' yet, check their website to get acquainted with their fantastic design work since 2008. A young and inspiring Finnish design couple! And a very promising one I'd add!


  1. Would you please let me know the name of the artist who drew/created the painting in the first picture? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi! I am afraid I don't know the artist's name as these are official press pictures of the label 'Saana ja Olli'. But you can contact them through their website, I am sure they know the name or can find out for you.


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