Friday, August 8, 2014

For The Potter In You: Ceramics Crush

Urte Tylaite, Still House, via Latte Lisa Blog

Whenever I start a little makeover in my apartment I happen to wonder how many ceramic pieces I've collected over time. And I also recall how much I love ceramics, especially those handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. They seem to entail the consistency of the earth, the heat of the fire and the gentleness of a human hand. I love to display them in groups or as standalone pieces, just like that or under a glass dome. Looking at them makes me feel happy and collecting them makes me feel a tad eclectic. All these pieces here make me swoon. I love the Japanese designs, the handmade vases, the beautiful mug collections - do you feel inspired to add a piece of handmade ceramic to your happy home too?
Utsuwa-Ku / Helen Levi via Pour Porter / Robert Blue via Mociun / Analogue Life


Eclectic Trends

Nicety / Johannes Nagel via Ceramics Now / Roos Gomperts via An Eclectic Eccentric / Katakana Ny
Clare Plueckhan for The Design Files

Katakana NY

Still House

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Ohh I love all of these Igor, I have noticed so much cool ceramic stuff everywhere these days, lucky to find really cool pieces on the flea markets too. Happy weekend my Friend,

    1. Right, Anya? Is it trending or am I just noticing it everywhere cause I like it? I wasn't sure! Have a very cool weekend!

  2. Did I just die and go to ceramic heaven?!! I pretty much want all of these! Does that make me greedy?

    Have a wonderful weekend, Igor … and enjoy the blueberries ;-)

    PS. I'm glad to see you liked the ceramics sold through Still House. I added a few to my wish list after the interview with the owner.

    1. It's a mutual feeling, Lisa! At least I can say I bought one of the above shown pieces. And thanks for the intro to the Still House - I met them through your blog. Happy weekend!!


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