Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

Here is a little thought I have from time to time while writing my Wednesday column: Is shopping a bad thing? More precisely: Do I have to feel guilty every time I buy a new little decor item or home accessories? Let me spit out the answer straight away without any further doubt: No! Ok, I would not want you to turn into an obsessive shopaholic who buys just for the sake of buying. But adding one or two little pieces for the home from time to time helps elevating your spirits and interior happiness. Trust me, I am a living test subject!

My little challenge every Wednesday is to not shop everything I recommend here myself. Believe me, I have often bought those things myself because if I gave in, I knew it's good enough to share with you all on the blog. So in last Wednesday's round-up of recommendations I bought one piece for example. This week I have resisted and haven't bought anything. Yet. How long will I remain strong? Who knows! Here are my 'coups de coeur' for this week:

1. Auva wallpaper by Trove
2. Ball Mason jar via Lieblingsglas
3. Isaac Sconce Brass by Schoolhouse Electric
4. Seagrass ceramic cup via Sugartrends
5. Blue enamel vintage teapot via Etsy

Happy hump day, friends!


  1. Oh I take the cup and the tea kettle. I'm still using just a normal sauce pot to heat up the water. :)

    1. Well I'd say it's about time my dear to add a blue kettle to your SF home!!! :-) I promise I'll come over for a cup of tea!

  2. Thank goodness you answered that question with a no ;-)
    I will take the ceramic cup and decorate at least one wall with the wallpaper, thank you very much.

    1. Haha I knew my approach would be fully understood here:-)


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