Monday, June 30, 2014

From Place To Space: Elemento In Jaffa, Israel

Here's a typical Monday situation: I am posting about a cool discovery during my last trip to Israel and in the meantime I am right now in Portugal! But I will share more Portugal impressions with you over the next weeks, so let's go back to Israel for a short moment, shall we? Luckily enough I have wonderful local friends in Israel who know the best places, so that's how I ended up in a fantastic interior design shop in the old town of Jaffa: Elemento.

Finding such a cool, contemporary interior design store in the old town of Jaffa is a real visual refreshment. The old town carries its own flavor with ancient stone buildings, a colorful flea market, vintage objects and kilim rugs everywhere. And then you enter one of those old stone buildings and you find yourself amidst contemporary, cool and very urban design with a light Middle Eastern note. 

Walking through the shop was like experiencing a fantastic eclectic concoction of Scandinavian, British and Israeli design, all mixed together to visually appealing and pleasing settings. If you add the fact that the staff is super friendly, you know that it's well worth visiting Elemento if you ever find yourself in that corner of the world.

I hope you enjoyed today's little getaway to Tel Aviv-Jaffa. If you need more travel inspiration, come to Instagram where I am sharing right now my moments from Portugal. See you there!

Elemento, 15 Hazorfim Street, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Oh, oh, oh, everything is so beautiful! I don't know how you refrained from buying everything and renting a shipping container to bring it home! :D

  2. What a fab space and so many wonderful things! That's the kind of place where I could spend way too much time and money. A great find! x

  3. Such a nice shop! I`m sure i would spend a couple of hours in this wonderful place!!

  4. wow great creativity. I like it. thanks for share.

  5. Nice one! Seems like another trip is needed ;D

  6. Seems to be a great place to shop and linger - I like the mix of style and products!

  7. Was soll ich denn nur mit mir machen?? Du zeigst so schöne Möbel, Igor, superschöne Möbel, und ich verknalle mich in die Mauern und Wände und brauche nicht mehr als sie :-)
    Einen wunderschönen!!! Juli

  8. Mr Happy - I hate you (not really of course)... but there you are living it up in Portugal & still keeping up with your blog. I do have to salute you really!

    I do love the physical space minus all of the stuff (sorry). And are the monkeys real (as in genuine) - I can't tell... but they look sus.

    Thanks mister!

    1. Why thank you:-)) And yes, Elemento only sells original design so the monkeys are real Scandinavians:-)


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